Friday , 21 July 2017

Delta State University (DELSU) 2010/2011 Admission List (First Batch) Released

Delta State University (DELSU) 2010/2011 Admission List (First Batch) Released
Delta state university (Delsu) has released its first batch admission list.
Candidates seeking admission into Delta state university can check their admission status by visiting the university website: and clicking on: FIRST BATCH ADMISSION LIST (UTME) 2010/2011


Download the list here

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  1. Is the pre degree form for delta state university on sales now

  2. The list was for those who choose delsu as 1st choice even those who got 185 in jamb made it there the 2nd list will soon be out

  3. wait does it mean that my own name is not out in the first list upon all the money. its incredible

  4. please dose any one know the exact time the second list would be out.

  5. D second batch will b out next 2 weeks.for second choice

  6. hi guys, i bit the cut off for buz admin and my name is not there. though i chose delsu as 2nd choice while uniben is my first choice, but im from delta state…………….
    i called delsu help line and i was told that the first batch is for those that chose them as 1st choice and the 2nd batch will be for those that chose them as second choice. but they also said that its not guarentee for evrybody. what u need do is to pray and pls does anyone here knows when uniben post utme result will be released……….
    incase u need any info about delsu, just call 08034396911 for information……………. or u go to and click on contact number where u will see alot of there number





  11. ijmb exams form is out now.ijmb is conducted by ahmadu bello university(ABU),zaria,at the above government approved centre, ilorin;where 4 all corses,d intensive lectures and qualitative practicals 4 advance studies take place with view to admitting successful candidates into 200 level university of ur choice through direct entry.chect ur brochure.entry
    requirement.minimum of 5 credit in waec or neco awaiting result accepted 4more equire cal dis no.08035331347,08034176237,08035510227.a

  12. hi guys,from my observation,if your name is not amongst d first list… forget it

  13. Pls my fellow nigerian students CHEVRON scholarship is out

  14. paulette or wat do u cal ur name….why dont u kip ur mouth shut and stop saying rubbish

  15. Agbolua Charles Othuke

    I want to view the admission list

  16. Does it mean dat no hope for de second choice candidates? What sort country ‘ve we find our selves? I scored 227 and 42 as a second choice and a pharmacist , is there any hope of admission for me? Pls

  17. Paullete u’re a beast for saying such nonsense, don’t u seem to understand that people’s life rely on the second list

  18. I choose delsu as my fist choice nd lasu as my 2nd choice, i scored 267 in jamb and 32 in pst ume and am going for bus admin, do i have hope for 2nd batch?

  19. Delsu and paullete pls go find something better to do wit ya time and stop posting unGodly rumours……there aint nifin like that even in d school,s website

  20. Please who knows d 4 accounting,please ooo

  21. @emmanuel d cut off mark for accounting is 52.just divide your jamb score by 8 and also divide your post utme score by two then add d both of then together.then u will ge your total score.

  22. Me i don tire i want ask whereda na dis year we go resume since d second list na delay

  23. Me i don tire i want ask whereda na dis year we go resume since d second list na delay.abraka university

  24. p/s does anybody know d cutoff mark 4 economics

  25. the cuttoff mark 4 economics is 55, divide ur UTME score by 8 & ur postutme by 2 then u add the 2 scores 2 get ur real score.

  26. pls,any1 knws d cut off mark 4 Business Admin? And y is d 2nd batch takin so long?

  27. Thanks @ paul, i scored 245 in utme nd 48 in p-utme =54.6. I hope 2 get admission.

  28. “P/s does anyone know when the 2nd batch is coming out, cos i’m having a heart attack”.


  30. Pls someone should notify me if delsu 2nd batch adm lists is out.txt me08067700997

  31. rejoice my fellow nigerians, if u know u want to be browsing free on ur mobile phone just give me a call on +2347065079688 to get yours..

  32. some1 should pls inform me wen delsu second batch will be out. my brother score 33 for civil law. i hope there is still a chance for him.

  33. Pls someone shuld notify me when direct entry list comes out or tell me when it is coming out 07037433857.

  34. pls with sense of humanity, i what to be notify if admission list 2nd batch is out. You can contact me through this number: 07067412356. Thanks

  35. Pls i score 245 in my jamb and 44 in my pume i put for political science for delsu but i took them as second choice and uniabuja as first choice do i have chance for admision?

  36. When is delsu’s 2nd list 2010/2011 going to be released?

  37. Pls people let me know if direct entry list 4 accountancy is released.i chose delsu as 2nd choice.i hope am qualified 4 adm.any info, call , sms or mms 08037220607 or 07065425136

  38. 4 those of you who wants 2 know when the second batch is coming out, i’m happy to inform you that the list would be out dis month end or the first week of next month!

  39. My uncle has comfirmed my admission, but I just want to see with my eyes on the second list. Please call when publised

  40. Is second batch out in delsu sum1 pls tell me

  41. hey guys,i cald d numba on d site .nd d spokes man said dey’v nt fix a date 4 it nd i learnt 4st batch ar startin dere registratn 4rm on d 15th.IT IS WEL.

  42. i want to know if they will release the second batch

  43. It has been comfirmed that the second list will be released but when I called the help line they said undisclosed time… I’m not worried bcos my name has been comfirmed…

  44. Pls a good fan of delsu shud alert me if d 2nd batch list comes out, here is my cell no 07088567502. Tnx alot

  45. Pls o!let me knw when d list is out thank u very much

  46. Pls sm1 shuld notify me wen d second batch comes out by calling 07069199212.

  47. pls my life depends on dis 2nd batch,since my 1st choice uni fcked me up,n evryone is discouraging at home,i scored 246 in jamb n 57 in d post ume do i have any hope at all?
    n pls i’ll lyk 2 knw wen d list is out. U can call me on
    08054343489 or reach me thru facebook..tnx alot

  48. b4 i 4get i put in 4 anatomy…i rlly hpe my name’s dere bcos i knw mst times pple already knw 1 or 2 prsons but in my case i dnt knw any1,n i wanted 2 knw is dere anythng like 3rd batch 2? n does delsu jst gve pple courses dey didn’t choose? Pls reach me thru fb…tnx

  49. @anthony u seem to be a 9ice guy 4rm ur comments so let me say i am soory for insultin u.@ndali i understand ur situation,stayin at home for another year is lyk stayin in hell.but the fact is if u score 100 in delsu and 400 in jamb and u dont know any1 to help u push the admission,delsu wil not admit u.their wayo is just too much.last year no 3rd batch was released.@all i heard the list wil be coming out on friday this week but this strike may delay it again.i am just tired.

  50. I pray that d second batch comes out dis week so i could know my faith,but at least sum1 is helping with d stuff,

  51. Delsu has published their pre-degree first batch admission today

  52. pls, what is the cut off for nursing

  53. Pls some1 should help me find out when pre-degree form of delsu wil b out.thank no 07033368022

  54. Second list to be out ending of this month or next month begining

  55. pre degree form is already out*dts wat i waz told

  56. @nnamdi i jst hope some kind of magic happens tnx anyway

  57. Aliagwu alonso louis

    Pls i wanna know if one can change course when admitted through direct entry.

  58. Pls wen is d second batch going 2 be released

  59. Second batch to be released next month

  60. Guys, 4 all ur sake i hope dere’ll b 3rd batch cos sims 2 me dat d 2nd batch was dose dat enterd 2ru predegree. I hv bn dere so neva lose hope. Ur miracle is on d way.

  61. The second list runs is over as it has been taken to Abuja for jamb registration. @ jimmy. Mind pre degree has their seperate list

  62. @all-i just talked 2 a lecturer n he said those of us that put delsu as 2nd choice should forget about the admission,he adviced dt I jst go ahead n do pdg. Its rlly painful but iyv alredi removed my mind 4rm dt sch,guess i’ll try uniport basic n also take jamb again ,or its jst goin 2 b private univ parolzz!!

  63. @ ndali. The guy is lying to u becos he knows he can’t help u. @ all. Don’t believe him, he has failed and wants 2 frustrate other with his misfortune.

  64. @D’llenzee**i rlly hpe he wz lying 2 me*

  65. He was, and for ur notice I’ve already been admitted in AAU Med. Lab. But I need medicine in delsu, my aunty is in the Vc’s office and she said my name has been included bcos my jamb was 224 and post utme 72. So don’t post what u don’t know next and believe me just pray u might still be admitted. My aunt told me that they are through with sorting admission, that both first and second choice will be admitted and has been taken to abuja for jamb registration

  66. My brothers and sisters,we should not worry of d adminsion again,god in heaven becos we are willin and havin sleepless nigt,he goin to prov herself to us by givin every one of us dat,choose delsu for adminsion weather first or second chioce,he must giv us dis joy in jesus name amen.

  67. Just called delsu’s helpline and the guy said 2nd list to be released next week

  68. plz wt is d cut off mark 4 education

  69. Education is 40

  70. @d’lln my bro saw 28 post ume and 243 jamb wil he divid d 28 wit jamb score plz reply

  71. @d’lln my bro saw 28 post ume and 243 jamb wil he divid d 28 wit jamb score plz replyj

  72. Do u know anybody there? Bcos the post ume score is too low

  73. no? Bt hw can i add 2kn d totl score

  74. Is it possible to gain admission when u didn’t right post-ume and sum1 is working it out for u?Reply

  75. @ mirable. It’s not possible, the person is deceiving u. @ kel. Divide ur jamb by 8 and divide your post umeby 2

  76. @d’lli have divded it d jamb is 30.373 and d jamb is 11 how wil i do it again plz

  77. when is d list comin out

  78. @d, But have seen sum1 how gained admission she did not right the post.ume her name came out in first batch

  79. @ mirable. Somebody must have impersonated for her without her knowledge. @ kel. Then add together. Second batch to be out next week

  80. added it n d total is 41

  81. @ kel. I know but you need at least 40 in ur post ume to be qualified for admission without runs

  82. am believin my God 4 a miracle i believe he wil c me thru

  83. is’t true dt second list is out. I ws tryin 2 access delsu website is telin me BAD HOST can som 1 hlp me

  84. It’s not out yet, to be published on friday

  85. I scored 255 in my jamb and 46 in my utme. My name was among d first batch list. without using money, GOD did it for me am so so happy. D God that has done it for me will also do it for u. Keep praying and u will neva regret u did. Love u all

  86. will second batch b released at all

  87. @ grace. Yes, check on friday

  88. am an indigine of delta state, nd ve been seeking 4 addmition into d state university(delsu).pls I’ll need info on d next addmition on any degree ND OR HND,PRELINE.I will b very greatful if I get dis infos through d mailbox above or a text 2 my number(08065862114) thanks nd hp 2 here 4rm u.

  89. pls wat is delsu homepage website

  90. @ D’lln hw can i check d list cos d website is nt openin at al plz

  91. There are updating the website with the second list, immediately after updating i.e before friday the website will open.

  92. I score 215 in jamb and 43 in pst utme i shose dem as 2nd choice any hope?

  93. @ wilson. What department did u write for?

  94. D’llenzy d site is opened bt no 2nd batch….kan i have ur facebk id or email.

  95. I thought I told u it’s on friday… Find me on facebook “allen d’llenzee”

  96. Goodnews. 2nd batch list is out, it came out lastnyt. So go check if u name is among the list.I wish u all best luc.k

  97. Goodnews. 2nd batch list is out, it came out lastnyt. A friend just confirm hers.So go check if u name is among the list.I wish u all best of luck.

  98. I’ve just been admitted

  99. D llenzee pls how did u mange to check ur name bcos dere is no 2list on der website?

  100. @pls how did u mange to check ur name bcos dere is no 2list on der website?

  101. pls can u here me to find out if dis is the final list cos the last page is nt dere wich is page 43. N if dere will b third batch or supplimentary list.

  102. The names on economics/social science stopped @ letter O, what about the rest?

  103. The names on economics/social science stopped @ letter O, what about the rest? Why was it cutoff? Would it be uploaded later?

  104. Pls can someone help me to check my name=wilson ighodae depart=pharmacology and theurapy.pls am waiting 4 ur reply

  105. @ all. This is their last batch and I’ve been offer medicine

  106. please how can i view the second list dis is my num 08055415502

  107. D llenze pls help sombdi now how did u mange to view d list?

  108. I have also been admitted! @ others just go to d site you wil find it there or check admission on the sites portal! Best wishes

  109. D’llenzy any idea when registration wil start and how to go about it tanks

  110. everybody pls help my brother find his name on the second batch he is Christian Igbonoba. dept of business edu or technical edu.

  111. plss ibeg yu….wots the site 2 check?

  112. mak una go check una name 4 mak sure say d computer go fit read page 4 pdf format.ego tak somtime but surly ego open

  113. second batch is out.goto
    no supplementary list
    second list is the final list.

  114. Pls can someone help me to check for my name.iwekaeze chukwuebuka k dept:pharmacy.pls a good nigerian shld call me after checking.08064148200

  115. @all hop dis is not d last batch

  116. This is the last batch

  117. Hw cme al dis whle no list 4 DIRECT ENTRY has been pasted!

  118. Hw cme al dis whle no list 4 DIRECT ENTRY has been pasted! [08074975627]

  119. A friend of my score jamb 185 and post utme 37 and also applied delsu as second choice and was given industral chemistry.but i my self score jamb 292 and putme 69 and nothing for me.may God judge those who knows the right and do the wrong ,amen.our country will never b ok til pple like this are ereased.

  120. Anytn on direct entry admission list?

  121. Pls,can anybody tel m d cutoff mark for nursing in delsu.holla!help m through dis no 07034658809

  122. Pls does anybody knw anythn ’bout diploma direct entry list.

  123. nuanji victor prendap

    please help me to know if i am admitted for 2010/2011 for mba through my email

  124. Direct entry list and jamb utme supplemetary was released yesterday

  125. pls guys just be cajm okay,everytin will be alright.just to ask of d adm date.@08121585838

  126. I need someone to help me, i want to know if delsu did not release any first direct entry list before the sup list in December, if they did how can i find it cos its not online. I also need an admin contact of the school.

  127. Pls can sumbodi hlp me check if my name was on d 2nd batch.
    Umodia festus
    course of study Medicine
    Faculty – clinical medicine.pls hlp me(08183092860)

  128. Plz can somebody check if my name is in d 2nd batch. (Esokomeze nnamaka valentine) dis is my no. 07068313789

  129. Pls can sumone help me with gud source about jamb ruins,cos i need to score 270 dis time around.pls help me.inbox me in facebonk Tari Enoch,or 2go 08035705969

  130. i want to know if it is necessary to write pume before entering delsu or there are other means pls send me a reply as quickly as possible God bless

  131. I was recommended this blog by means of my cousin. I am no longer sure whether this submit is written by means of him as nobody else understand such unique approximately my problem. You’re wonderful! Thanks!

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