Monday , 20 November 2017

Six Killed In A Deeper Life Church In Gombe State

A few days after the terrorist group Boko Haram threatened Christians living in the North, Gunmen attacked a Deeper Life church in Gombe State killing six people including the wife of the pastor and injured ten more.

Nigeria has recently experienced a surge in ethnic and sectarian violence. The government declared a state of emergency in parts of the country.

“The attackers started shooting sporadically. They shot through the window of the church, and many people were killed including my wife,” Mr Jauro told Reuters news agency.

“Many members who attended the church service were also injured.”

No group has said it carried out the attack, but the Islamist sect Boko Haram recently carried out a string of bombings on Christmas Day, including against a church in the capital, Abuja, which killed dozens of people.

There have been unconfirmed reports that Boko Haram has told all southerners – who are mostly Christians and animists – to leave the largely Muslim north.

Earlier on Thursday, two suspected members of Boko Haram were arrested after a father and son were killed in Maiduguri in neighbouring Borno state.

Source: BBC News

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  1. this virtualy d end of d world

  2. Dis act just portray d animalistic tendency of dis ppl. Attacking unarm civilians shows their weakness. Let dem show their faces if their course is just. May they die by their arms.

  3. It is pertinent that another civil war is trying to erupt again.Unfortunate, that these people called boko haram made a statement issuing every southerners and christians in the Northern parts to leave but Government never tooked it serious.Letz just pray that another war never begins again

  4. I challenge the present administration to put an end to this madness or war is unavoidable.THIS is the first litmus test that will determine If he is actually GOODLUCK or BADLUCK to Nigeria

  5. hw long are we gona wait? We are nt cowards! D bible said wen u are slapped turn d oda side, bt it never said turn again d third time. Dis guys are taking advantage of d peace we preach.

  6. Mr.president should prove his self if his good luck or bad luck to Nigerians in this critcal time

  7. God pls help ur children we ar stil patint wait 4 u 2 aris & fight.

  8. The churches has done notin to the Bokoharam the Church ar nt the Government. The bokoharam shuld go out their n face the Governmemt n leav the churches rit tym the wrath of GOD wl fal on them.

  9. Boko haram are nt figtin 4 muslims

  10. Yes, they are fighting for some selfish politicians who worship the devil and preach war to their followers instead of peace.

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