Wednesday , 1 April 2015
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Diamond Technical Company Job (4 Positions)

Diamond Technical Company Limited was incorporated on the 17th day of December, 1992, with the objective of building, nurturing, and developing a unique and efficient establishment, professional, reputable and reliable in whichever area of service it vows capacity and competence. Effective operations, however, started in the later part of the year 2002.

These areas include Manpower Supply and Support services, Oilfield services, Water Supply schemes or projects, Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical engineering consultancy and construction services, Equipment leasing, haulage and transportation services as well as supply of construction materials and equipment such as pumps, valves, meters, pipes and fittings,fire fighting and personal protective equipment and products.


Job Positions

Click any of the links below to apply

Well Completion and Intervention Engineers – Port Harcourt

Equipment Engineer – Port Harcourt

Mud Consultant – Port Harcourt

QC/QC Consultant-Drilling – Port Harcourt

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