Wednesday , 27 May 2015
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[Opinion] TB Joshua’s ‘Negative’ Predictions And Adeboye’s ‘Non-Existent’ Predictions

The online storms that brew this week over the prophecy of Nigerian Pastor T.B. Joshua about the crash that ended the lives of Governor Yakowa and General Azazi seem to be slowly abating.


As the news of the tragic deaths reverberated nationwide, Joshua released a controversial video on youtube which claimed he had predicted the incident and details relating to it on four different occasions. However, I still feel the need to air my views, furnished by contextual consideration, as the dust settles on the heated debates within social media that were triggered by the prophecy.

Understandably, the video drew its fair share of criticism, the major bone of contention in the minds of viewers and observers being Joshua’s continued proficiency in predicting negative events and his seeming inability to change them after such revelations come forth. I can well understand this mindset, having been one of Joshua’s most skeptical distant observers for long. However, it was last year when my brother fell mysteriously sick that I was basically ‘forced’ to look in Joshua’s direction for help. Doctors told me he had a treatable kidney infection but what I saw was my brother transform from a healthy, vibrant young man to an almost unrecognisable emaciated figure in literally two months, on the verge of death.

After exhausting medical treatment, a good friend of mine advised me to take him to The SCOAN for prayer. Circumstantially driven, I acceded and financed his wife to take him there. Three weeks later, my brother was back on his feet, eating well and regaining his lost vigour. Thus, my interest in Emmanuel TV was born, and I must confess, it has slowly become my daily spiritual food and a constant source of discussion and wonder within our home.

I don’t claim to completely understand T.B. Joshua’s ministry at The SCOAN. On the contrary, many of the things I see there on Emmanuel TV (especially the deliverance)baffle me. However, I have seen enough to know that Joshua is a humble servant of God with quite extraordinary powers he is unequivocally using to uplift society. In my view, he is the best pastor to have come from these shores – with an uncompromising message of salvation, an admirable array of charitable projects and real solutions provided to people who come with myriads of diverse problems.

So, on the argument dealing with his tendency to deliver ‘negative’ predictions, I think this is a case of blaming the messenger for delivering his message. It is sadly indicative of the state of our society and nation and the type of seed we have collectively been planting. As one commenter on the issues arising from Joshua’s prophecy opined, “It’s the prophecies of prosperity and ‘it shall be well with the abominable’ that has destroyed any remaining chance for Nigeria’s restructuring. The ‘prophecy of doom’ is to the sharpening of man… Let those who prophesy prosperity tell us what has come of it save the acute and nauseating love for money which, as the Holy Book says, is the root of all evil.”

Everyone wants to hear good tidings but how many are genuinely pursuing a righteous and just course that will amalgamate in a tide-turning shift within Nigeria’s political and socio-economic landscape. God cannot break His own Divine statutes, set in stone from the earth’s formation, the principle of seed-time and harvest.

If we continue to harbour corruption, celebrate decadence and have a compromising conflict of deeds and words, what then do we expect God to reveal to His servants about our future? Indeed, a flick through our national dailies reveals enough about the actions and attitude of our nation, its leaders and inhabitants, especially that of our youth, to know that a bleak future awaits us unless there is a radical change.

On Joshua’s revelation without apparent corresponding action and subsequent redemption, I believe the majority of people who heard about the prophecy and quickly drew such abrasive conclusions never actually took the time out to watch the video released on YouTube to the very end. Joshua is very explicit in explaining this issue. He said, “I have been wrestling with certain things.

When I say, wrestle, it’s an issue that I keep praying and asking God, ‘What I’m seeing should be changed.’ But God said, ‘No, the whole nation should come together and pray’. So, when I’m hearing my country should come also and pray together, that is when I will come out and tell you what I am seeing in the vision.

When I see a vision and I know I can handle it myself, I don’t need to tell you. I will call the wise men and we’ll pray. But when I know that this thing is not possible for me alone and my people to do, I will come out to tell you that this is what I have seen.”

If our eyes were opened spiritually, perhaps we would be privy to see devastating events on the verge of occurring within Nigeria that were forestalled through the prayers of God’s people at SCOAN, the news of which will never reach our earthly ears. Aside from this, the prophet prayed and enjoined the nation to join him. Did we?

I believe many of those blindly criticising the prophet are not well versed with his ministry or accustomed to watching Emmanuel TV. This prophecy is not an isolated proclamation. Indeed, every week, Prophet Joshua prophesies to individuals in the church with uncanny speed, accuracy and consistency. Whether its prayer for the terminally ill, reconciliation of a broken family, deliverance of people under demonic oppression or charity to the widow, orphan and reformed militant, Prophet Joshua is settling real problems with real solutions. It seems to me both insolent and incoherent to suggest he is just a ‘prophet of doom’ who capitalises on misfortunes to project his name. Please, don’t base your view on a single news report.

On a related note, Pastor Enoch Adeboye whose global influence on his flock and command on the common Nigerian is almost inestimable prayed for President Jonathan in his Redeemed Camp just a few hours before the ill-fated crash. The question beckons, did he not have any such revelation about the tragic events on the verge of unfolding merely hours after his public prayer with the President knelt before him? If so, were his prayers effective? Respected Nigerian journalist Femi Adesina of The Sun Newspaper, wrote in his column this week, “Didn’t Pastor Adeboye see the crash as he prayed with President Jonathan? Didn’t the Lord reveal it to him? Couldn’t he have interceded, so that the monumental tragedy would be averted… ‘The secret of the Lord is with those that fear Him,’ says the Good Book. So, why didn’t the Lord confide in Adeboye about the Bayelsa crash, which was to happen some hours after Jonathan had come for prayers… I’m sure the pastor himself must have been somewhat embarrassed when he heard the news.”

The reason I write this is not to gloat or in any way suggest Adeboye’s spiritual incompetence. I just believe it’s time Nigeria recognises who is who in God’s vineyard. Baba Adeboye is a fine preacher but, in my own humble opinion, not a prophet. This is evidenced by his yearly prophetic declarations which are almost nonsensical in nature if perceived to be divinely inspired.

He declares simple biblical principles and realities of life and packages them with the title ‘prophecy’ on a yearly basis. It’s high time someone like Adeboye can publicly acknowledges God’s gift in his brother in the vineyard, instead of the baseless bickering, crude condemnation and pulpit-judgement that have caused division within the Nigerian church fold for far too long.

I believe our nation should recognise God’s voice in this trying time and acknowledge the potential pastors, who are genuinely doing God’s work, have to bring Divine direction to those in the helm of affairs in this nation, if they are willing to listen. Who knows – if President Jonathan had visited Joshua for prayer on that fateful day, perhaps Kaduna would still be with its Governor and the deaths of six men would have been averted..

By Emeka I. – Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. there are different calling in d kingdom of God…some are pastor…others evangelist…etc every one have his or her calling must try to stick to that calling…the comparism is not needed at all…they both are servant of God with different calling in ministry

  2. Why on earth won’t people say things straight. Has Pastor Adeboye ever come out to say he is a prophet. Wow you guys should mind your business. He is a pastor and not Prophet Adeboye. The bible makes mention of this in ephesians 4:11-16, so you can’t say why wouldn’t he know. You could as well ask the creator why weren’t you given birth to into the family of Obama or Bill Clinton why your family. So its the same thing. There are prophets you’ll see and mere seeing them you’ll know who they r real or fake…

  3. The writer is actually entitled to his candid opinion,though this reveals a shallow and salacious mindset.Perhaps he needs to meditate on Deuteronomy 29:29- “The LORD our God has secrets known to no one. We are not accountable for them, but we and our children are accountable forever for all that he has revealed to us, so that we may obey all the terms of these instructions (NLT).

    God is the custodian of secrets things and He chooses whom His Secrets are revealed to.However, Amos 3:7 says the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets. The question is, was it in God’s plan to destroy the former Governor of Kaduna State? or those who perished in the plane crash?

    God’s Prophet is not less if he chooses not scare the populace with nerve-racking,blood-curdling or petrifying prophecies. He may simply go on his knees praying that God should avert imminent dangers without consulting you sir.And if God chooses to allow or destroys like He did in Sodom and Gomorrah, then the Abraham (s) (God’s Intimate Friends) can only plead for mercy or leniency. The fact that a prophet reveals evil things to come does not make him God’s Prophet.

    Articles should not be written because of cheap popularity or rapacious motives. It may be apposite for some people to go on their knees, asking God to purge their polluted heart for unguided,mendacious and sinful thoughts.

    God bless you!

  4. God gave the nation of isreal Moses – they sparingly believed him. Moses and other prophets of the True God wrote about Jesus. When Jesus eventually came , they rejected him and said they choose to adhere to Mosaic laws which their fore fathers disregarded grately. Now God has given us HIS INSPIRED WORD (the Bible) But people have chosen to listen to individuals instead of the Bible. Including whatever any pastor is doing now has been recorded in the Bible! The Bible says if God didn’t spare the generations of Noah and (Sodomo Gomorrah), then this generation will by no means escape the great war of the Almighty. That’s why we now need salvation. What we now need is in the Bible (John 3:17). Why don’t you get inside ur room u alone and talk the Only True God and ask him for the Organization of Christians that teaches exately what the Bible teaches.


  6. How I wish I was God to see everything clearly. Brethrens, don’t judge, don’t forget that you don’t have any prove to proof your points of doubts; God seeth, knoweth, heareth and doeth everything. Watch and pray!

  7. Test all spirit if thy are of God! This sign shall follow them that believe!God is seeking for worshippers in spirit and in Truth. The only ministry christ gave all believers is the ministry of reconciliation(go yea into all the world and preach the gospel making deciple to me from all nations).

  8. Prince Atundaolu Jacobs


    I don’t expect this happening among our pastors. God never gave any great or most famous man of God in the whole to be a judge. Only God count one a sinner and the other one a hell candidate. Jesus never complain or argue or blame the thief crossed by the right side of Him but because the thief was favoured Jesus said he(the thief) shall be with him in the paradise. The whole world has given Baba adeboye his due respect as the most elderly pastor. Jesus don’t have time to fight His member despite what Judas and Peter did. I called this talks and manner among the pastors as a sign of anti-Christ. If Baba adeboye think something is wrong with TB Joshua then go and meet with him and preach the word of salvation to him. He’s your younger one. Chris okotie divorces his wife. Is it biblical? A youth leader of living faith church in kogi state is the head of armed robber, did you say anything? A Rccg pastor diead and later discovered he had a wife and four kids in abroad and he’s legally married in nigeria. Please let love lead us in our doing. I hate seeing one man of God fighting or criticizing another. This is not work of God. We are all a sinner.

    I am Prophet Atundaolu

  9. men of God you speak against don’t know you but u know them. The more you speak against them the more they go higher and wax stronger.

  10. Yes! Finally someone writes about student loans.

  11. I like pastor tb Joshua , I will met him soon. Emmanuel God is with us

  12. whoah this weblog is magnificent i love studying your articles.
    Stay up the good work! You recognize, many persons are searching around for this information,
    you could help them greatly.

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