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Revolutionising Nigerian Youths For Leadership Under The Mantra Change (2) By TersooTeeCube

NIGERIA road sign

In this political dispensation, the Nigerian Youth must understand “power” has indeed “changed hands”. The power” in this context of discuss, now lies in the hands of patriotic, incorruptible, vibrant and politically conscious youths who make up the bulk of our population not the old ruling class. The Nigerian youth ... Read More »

Understanding Buhari’s Activities In 100 days By Garba Shehu

Muhammadu Buhari

The enormously popular talk show, Berekete on WazobiaFM radio, Abuja station told the incredible, yet true story of the hardworking and respected school teacher somewhere in Plateau state who hanged himself. He hadn’t been paid salary for seven straight months. He came home to find that no one had eaten ... Read More »

[OPINION] Pastor Sunday Adelaja Condemns A Massively Looted Nation, Says Nigerian Economy Can Overtake America If… [Part 1] By Obinna Akukwe


Sunday Adelaja, Pastor of Europe’s largest Congregation, Embassy of God based in Kiev, Ukraine with presence in over 20 countries, have condemned the massive looting that characterized the Nigerian Economy. He has also given statistically proven and well researched reason why the Nigerian economy can overtake that of America, if ... Read More »

Hard Talk; The Ugly Tale Of Violent Crisis Beleaguering An Evolving Nation (1) By Tersoo TeeCube

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It is evidently true that those who ignore history do so at their own peril and to b*ttress this fact we have to acknowledge the cataclysmic challenges bedeviling us as a nation did not start today or in the recent past. The necessity for understanding this phenomenon that has made ... Read More »

[OPINION] Once Upon A Time In The Animal Kingdom Of ‘Niagra’ By Nkannebe Raymond


Once upon a time in the Animal Kingdom of Niagra, the animals lived together and loved one another dearly. They would cook together and eat together their meals however good or badly cooked by the Chief cook. They maintained good and cordial relationship with their neighbors and wished them all ... Read More »

[OPINION] The Nigerian Media Supports Corruption By Adanu Moses

Nigerian media

The word ‘probe’ has been trending in the media in Nigeria inthe past few weeks. The media is packed with reportages of how the new government will probe this and that. At some point, I began to imagine the Government of Buhari probing how Jonathan married Patience and how much ... Read More »

[OPINION] Air Crashes: An Annual Episode In Nigeria

Air crash

There is hardly a year gone without experiencing the incident of Air crashes as it has almost become an annual event in Nigeria. No serious steps were seen to have been taken by government officials and stakeholders playing the game according to the rule, to forestall the loss of friends ... Read More »

[OPINION] Open Letter To President Buhari:  Sir, You May Have To Dissolve The Peace Council By Ogundana Michael Rotimi

Ogundana Michael Rotimi

Your Excellency Sir, This is the first open letter I will be writing to you since your inauguration as the President and Commander In Chief of The Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I will go straight to the point and won`t bug you with the facts and ... Read More »

[OPINION] Before We Crucify Kukah And His Peace Committee By Nkannebe Raymond


Renowned cleric, Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah is in the eye of the storm. He happens to be in the news for the “wrong” reason in a long time, if not for the first time together with members of the National Peace Committee (NPC) which was his engineering in the period ... Read More »

[OPINION] Local Production Of Arms: A Mission Long Overdue By Ogundana Michael Rotimi

Ogundana Michael Rotimi

  It is impossible to imagine a world without needs. The history of mankind is the history of his efforts to satisfy his needs. All the discoveries and inventions of science are a proof of man’s urge to solve his problems. Hence, when man feels the pinching need of anything, ... Read More »

[OPINION] In Search Of The Nigerian Dream By Raymond Nkannebe


Every American knows there is an American Dream. Party affiliations are made along this dream. At every given opportunity, the American presidents remind the people of the American Dream. The dream is people oriented and people centered. This, over the years, have fired every American to hope for the best ... Read More »

[OPINION] Corruption And The People’s Expectation From Leaders


“To expose corruption in government is the highest obligation of patriotism”, G. Edward Griffin(Author and Filmmaker). Every day we are inundated with different stories of how much of our country’s wealth was stolen by a select number of charlatans who we directly and indirectly put as our leaders in the ... Read More »

[OPINION] Climate Change And Health; Why We Can’t Wait Any Longer! By Oladipupo Ajiroba


There has been increased call for climate action as disasters hit Myanmar and the Middle East recently. The President of the United States of America, President Barack Obama has joined the world’s leading health experts to support their claim that Climate Change may pose the biggest health risk of the ... Read More »

[OPINION] Diezani Madueke, Oshiomhole And The Stolen $6billion Nigeria’s Oil Revenue By Obinna Akukwe

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Diezani Madueke, Nigeria’s former oil minister is the person the entire watchers in the oil industry including the international community, government officials, oil magnets and friends of Jonathan believe as the super minister that stole Nigeria’s $6.2 billion dollars as revealed by Adams Oshiomhole, Edo State Governor. President Buhari of ... Read More »

[OPINION] The Senate ‘Armistice’: We Are The Losers By Raymond Nkannebe


Fellow Nigerians, last week Tuesday, something terrible happened while we watched. Something close to an abomination if not more, befell us. A friend of mine called it an ‘anathema’, you could as well refer to it as a ‘Murder in the Cathedral’ (apologies to T.S.Eliot). It was one which many ... Read More »

[OPINION] JAMB Policy: Opposing A Beautiful Idea At Infancy By Adebayo Alao

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  Commonly, Nigerians relive Mathew 22:14, that popular Bible verse that is known to even those who have never been within the four walls of a church. “Many were called, few were chosen,” that scripture that accentuates the gracious disposition of God has, to many Nigerians, become a recitation of ... Read More »

[OPINION] Our Movement Against Corruption Won’t Last Without The Public Sector Reform By Ogundana Michael Rotimi

Ogundana Michael Rotimi

  “President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-graft war has started yielding dividends. Following blockage of leakages, Nigeria’s foreign reserves have increased from $28.57 billion at the end of May to $31.53 billion as of July 22, 2015.” – CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele, during a press brief at the end of the Monetary ... Read More »

Observations From The Buhari-American “Holiday” By Nkannebe Raymond.


Last week, the political scene almost burst at the seams as it simmered with commentary on President Muhammadu Buhari’s working visit (some said holiday) to the United States of America with a large delegation, the size of at least, three football teams. And we are not talking about pot-bellied aides, ... Read More »

Reuben Abati Talks About His Days As SA To Jonathan, Says ‘The Job Was An Intrusion On My Private Life’


As spokesman to President Goodluck Jonathan, my phones rang endlessly and became more than personal navigators within the social space. They defined my entire life; dusk to dawn, all year-round. The phones buzzed non-stop, my email was permanently active; my twitter account received tons of messages per second.  The worst ... Read More »

[OPINION] Mr. President; A Letter To You On Your Trip To The U.S By Reginald L. Chukwu

Gen. Buhari

My dear president, I can feel you basking in the euphoria of the recent ally between Nigeria and the USA. The much talked about trip by you and your publicity team tells how elated you are that the cooperation between both countries is happening in your administration. The US under ... Read More »