Wednesday , 29 July 2015
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PHCN Vs Juju: Residents Chase PHCN Officials Using Diabolic Means [Photos]


Early this morning in Guaraka, Tafa LGA Niger State (About 7km from Zuba Abuja) was a scene of angry women protesting that electricity task force will not disconnect power. When the situation got worse the women had to apply some diabolic means as you can see in the picture below. ... Read More »

SHOCKING: 40-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To 12-Year-Old Boy’s Daughter


A woman was arrested, charged and convicted of persistent s*xual abuse of a child under 16 after having s*x with a young boy and giving birth to his daughter, prosecutors in Australia said. Now, the 40-year-old woman who has not been identified, has been sentenced to serve six years in ... Read More »

Teacher Buys Shoes For Entire School After Winning Thousands Of Dollars On TV Game Show


A good-hearted teacher in Australia, has decided to use the winnings from a television game show to buy shoes for all the students at her school. 32-year-old Bri Dredge of Ballarat, won $20,000 during her appearance on the television show Millionaire Hot Seat on Thursday night. Worldwideweirdnews has reported. Dredge, who ... Read More »

Japanese Anti-Suicide Crusader Has Saved Over 500 People In The Last 11 Years


Yukio Shige, a retired police officer from Japan, has devoted the past decade of his life to preventing suicides. After foiling hundreds of suicide attempts in little over a decade, the 70-year-old has come to be known as ‘chotto matte man’. In Japanese, ‘chotto matte’ translates to ‘hold on, wait!’ ... Read More »

Woman Pinned To Her Bed By Fallen 5,000-pound Tree Rescued After 2hrs


A New York state fire department said it took about two hours to rescue a woman who was pinned down by a 5,000-pound tree that crashed into her bedroom. The Vigilant Fire Company of Great Neck said the 5,000-pound tree crashed into the 20-year-old woman’s second-story bedroom while she was sleeping ... Read More »

16-Year-Old Boy Kills 4-Year-Old Neighbour, Removes His Kidney, Intestines And Pen*s


“This has got to be one of the most painful/heartbreaking news I’ve heard in a while. A 16-year-old boy named Tajudeen Azeez, lured his 4 year old neighbour to a primary school in the Ijaniki area of Lagos, stabbed him, strangled him and removed his intestines, his kidney and cut ... Read More »

Baby disappears during naming ceremony in Ogun state


An eight month old baby identified as Hezekiah Opeyemi Ogundele mysteriously disappeared during a naming ceremony held at Inuosegba community in Abeokuta Ogun state yesterday July 26th. According to The Nation, Hezekiah’s brother had taken the baby to the naming ceremony and within minutes, the toddler disappeared. A search party ... Read More »

Unending Police Brutality: Police officer allegedly shoots roadside Mechanic in Kogi (Photos)


A police officer from the Okene division in Kogi state allegedly shot a man on his way to his motor mechanics workshop in the early hours of today Monday July 27th. According to eye-witnesses, the victim was on his way to work when the policeman called him but he refused ... Read More »

Man Accidentally Kills Wife While Trying To Save Her From Killing Herself


A man accidentally crushed his wife to death while trying to save her life.  Steve Wolstenholme was devastated after he caused the death of his beloved wife after finding her cutting her arm in her kitchen. Carol Wolstenholme died when her husband accidentally crushed her while trying to stop her from ... Read More »

Woman Meets Her ‘Ugly’ Online Boyfriend For The First Time, Tries To Commit Suicide


A woman was looking forward to seeing a man she met online, but he did not look like the person in the photos she had seen. The woman was so disappointed about being deceived that she attempted to commit suicide, according to police in China. The 23-year-old woman attempted to commit suicide ... Read More »

Florida Man Faints After Head-b*tting Bus Over Extra $2 Fare


Police in Florida are looking for a man who was apparently so angry over an extra $2 in bus fare that he head-b*tted the vehicle’s door, breaking the glass and briefly knocking himself out. Huffington Post has more: The man, who has not yet been identified, was a passenger on ... Read More »

Man Charged For Calling 911 To Complain About His Air Conditioner


A Pennsylvania man was apparently blowing hot air when he called 911 to get help with his air conditioner. Police in Indiana County say Travis J. Turner, 27, called 911 Sunday afternoon and said he was having difficulty breathing. Huffington Post reports: When paramedics arrived, Turner “related to them that he was fine and ... Read More »

Man Tries To Set Chinese Plane On Fire While In Flight

A man looks at an aircraft scale model at the Aviation Industry Corporation of China booth during an expo in Beijing on July 24, 2015. A key gauge of Chinese manufacturing activity tumbled to a 15-month low in July, an independent survey showed, throwing a pall over growth in the world's second-largest economy.        AFP PHOTO / WANG ZHAO        (Photo credit should read WANG ZHAO/AFP/Getty Images)

A man attempted to set a fire on board a Chinese flight early Sunday, but was restrained by passengers and crew members and taken into custody, the aviation authority said. It was the latest in a rash of dangerous incidents aboard Chinese flights, including passengers opening emergency exits and fights between ... Read More »

Man Pays Price Of $153k In Hospital Bill For Trying To Take A Selfie With A Rattlesnake

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This is another case of a selfie gone wrong. A San Diego man, Todd Fassler, was almost killed when he tried to take a selfie with a rattlesnake that he picked up from some brush. Unsurprisingly, the snake bit him. Todd Fassler’s treatment drained the anti-venom stock at two separate California ... Read More »

Gruesome: Unclad Man Decapitates Woman And Two Dogs


Phoenix police officers found a woman’s decapitated body and two mutilated dogs inside an apartment where officials believe the man responsible also cut his left arm off and removed one of his own eyeballs. The gruesome scene was discovered just after 9:45 a.m yesterday Saturday July 25th in the area ... Read More »

Man r*pes Own Grandmother, Claims She’s Been Begging Him For s*x Since Her Husband Died


A man was arrested, charged and convicted of r*pe for sexually assaulting his own grandmother on numerous occasions.  Police in Zimbabwe, have arrested the 32-year-old man for defiling his 95-year-old grandmother. The suspect shocked the court on Friday, when he said that his grandmother begged him to have s*x with ... Read More »

Couple Caught Having s*x In Phone Booth [Photo]


It must have been a person-to-person call. A British couple was recently photographed having s*x in a phone booth in broad daylight by a passerby (see photo below). The picture went viral, and the couple, 30-year-old Gavin Wain and 41-year-old Lisa Kerley, gladly dished on their connection to SWNS. Scoop reports ... Read More »

Man Charged With Theft For Hiding Under Ex-girlfriend’s Bed For 3days


A man who police say sneaked into a central New Jersey home and hid under a bed for three days before he was found was the ex-boyfriend of the homeowners’ daughter. Spotswood police announced late Tuesday that Jason Hubbard was charged with burglary in the incident, which occurred in May. He ... Read More »

San Francisco Combat The Stench Of Urine With Pee-repellant Paint


Don’t get into a pissing match with walls in San Francisco. The city’s Public Works agency is testing a pee-repellant paint on walls in areas that have been saturated with urine. Anyone urinating on the specially treated walls will get the spray splashed back onto them. Yahoo News reports: San Francisco’s ... Read More »

Man Stabs Prostitute For Her Failure To Get Him Excited


A man was arrested, charged and convicted of attempted murder after stabbing a prostitute because she failed to get him excited, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said. Now, 32-year-old Kirk Wynter of Stoke Newington, is facing a long prison sentence after being found guilty of attempted murder. According to the police ... Read More »