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Shocking Photo!!! Desperate African Migrant Caught Hiding In Car Engine To Enter Spain


A desperate migrant who could have died as a result of dehydration and cramp, was captured attempting to smuggle himself into Spain while hiding behind a car’s engine. According to a shocking report on the Telegraph, a desperate migrant was captured attempting to smuggle himself into Spain while hiding behind ... Read More »

DISCOVERY!!! World’s Oldest Koran Older Than Prophet Muhammad; But How Is It Possible?


The world’s oldest Koran is older than the Prophet Muhammad, experts from the University of Oxford who radiocarbon-dated its pages claim. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Fragments of the manuscript, found within the pages ... Read More »

Doctor To Be Sacked For Taking Selfie With Woman’s v**ina While She Gave Birth [PHOTO]


A doctor is facing a sack after her photo helping a woman to deliver a baby and simultaneously posing on camera went viral. The scandalous photo shows an unnamed female doctor smiling and making a ‘V’ sign as a woman gives birth on the delivery-room table right next to her. The photo was shared on social media and soon ... Read More »

Pregnant Frenchwoman Takes To Youtube In Search Of The Man She Has A One-night Stand With


This lady had a one night stand with a man she met in Australia..and now she’s pregnant. Prosdidude! Lol. #Kidding! Anyway, to the story, French woman, Natalie Amyot, posted a video on Facebook and Youtube trying to track down the Australian man she fell instantly inlove with when they met ... Read More »

100,000 Yuan Hidden Underground By Farmer Found Rotten 4 Years Later


A man surnamed Zhang in Muyang county of east China’s city of Suqian, Jiangsu province  took a bag of damaged, rotten bills worth 100,000 yuan (15,700 U.S. dollars) to a local bank for possible replacement. According to Zhang, for reasons unknown, his mother buried the money under their kitchen floor ... Read More »

Policemen Allegedly Kills Akure Female Politician During Scuffle


A 50-year old female politician, Mrs. Ronke Adelugba, was on Sunday night allegedly beaten to death in her house in Akure, the Ondo State capital, by policemen who allegedly invaded her house in search of a suspected criminal. The woman, who was until her death the Woman Leader of the Accord Party (AP) in Ward ... Read More »

SHOCKING!!! Landlord Set Tenant’s 3-Year-Old Son Ablaze [PICTURED]


A 65-year-old landlord, Joseph Olaleye have been apprehended by police detectives attached to Otta division of the Ogun State Command for allegedly setting his tenant three year old son, Abdulahi Razaq ablaze leading to the boy’s death. The State Police Spokesperson, Muyiwa Adejobi, in a statement, noted that the 65-year-old, ... Read More »

Driver Takes Selfie While Driving, Crashes Car Full Of People Into Tree


Several people were injured after their driver got distracted while taking a selfie.  The State Police in Maine, said that the driver who attempted to take a selfie, caused a car accident that left several people injured. The accident happened on Saturday in Deering Lake Road located in Orient. Scoop reports ... Read More »

Two Burglars Arrested For Enjoying Meal On boat While Family Slept

State Police inspect the area at the aftermath of  a school shooting at a Connecticut elementary school  that brought police swarming into the leafy neighborhood. (Don Emmert/Getty Images)

Police in Connecticut have charged two people they say broke into a boat at a Norwalk marina to enjoy a fast food meal and take some selfies while a family of five slept on board. Police tell The Hour the family was awoken at about 2 a.m. Sunday by the ... Read More »

British Sperm Bank Facing Shortage Tells Men; ‘Prove Your Worth’


The head of Britain’s national sperm bank urged men to prove their manhood and help ease a shortage after the center signed up just nine registered donors in the year since its creation. “If I advertised saying ‘Men, prove your worth, show me how good you are’, then I would get ... Read More »

Admission Seeker Impersonates Police Commissioner On Facebook, Dupes Policemen


Policemen attached to Lagos State Police Command have arrested a young man, identified as Agubosin Ifeanyi Friday, for allegedly impersonating the former Lagos State Commissioner of police, Mr. Kayode Aderanti. It was gathered that the suspect allegedly set up a false Facebook account in Aderanti’s name, where he allegedly defrauded unsuspecting ... Read More »

Man Jailed For Four Months Over ‘Meth’ That Turned Out To Be Salt


An Australian man caught with suspected crystal meth spent four months in jail before investigators discovered the substance was Epsom salt. Travis George, the Maryborough, Queensland, man’s lawyer, said his client was jailed when police performing a routine check of his car discovered a substance they suspected to be crystal methamphetamine. ... Read More »

Tragedy: Student Shot Dead In Unizik [Photo]


A boy (name withheld) has been shot dead in Unizik. His girlfriend came in yesterday morning only to find his corpse..R.I.P to the dead Source: Nairaland Read More »

Photos: 4 Members Of The Same Family Die After Falling Into Sewage Hole In UAE


Saeed Abdullah Rashid Al Sereidi, 50, his two sons Abdul Aziz Saeed Abdullah, 24 and Ahmad Saeed Abdullah, 23, and son-in-law Mohammad Saeed Rashid, 37, died inside their home’s septic tank while trying to clean the sewage tank. The incident took place in the Rol Dhana area in Fujairah on ... Read More »

Woman Burns Niece With Hot Iron For Sleeping With Landlady’s Son (Graphic Photo)


A 16-year-old girl identified as Bimpe Badmus is currently in pain from the injuries she sustained following an attack by her aunt. Bimpe’s aunt burnt her with a hot pressing iron, for allegedly having s*xual affair with their landlady’s son.   SEE PHOTO HERE The incident occurred on Ogunjirin Street, ... Read More »

Drunk Man Hit And Killed By Van While Running On Busy Highway

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A drunk man who was running around on a busy highway and exposing himself to drivers, was hit and killed by a van, police in New Zealand said. Milton police said that 25-year-old Travis Jason Stephen Lane, died after being hospitalized for over a month following a car accident. The Medical ... Read More »

Woman Left Badly Burned After Doctor Told Her To Bathe In Bleach To Cure Eczema


A young woman of Dapto, Australia, was severely burned after she poured bleach into her bathwater.  The young woman suffered burns to 98 percent of her body after being advised by a doctor to take a bath with bleach. 29-year-old Sarah Cole was left with horrific burns and open sores ... Read More »

See The Book That Purifies Dirty Water, The Pages Of “The Drinkable Book” Make Contaminated Water Drinkable


‘The Drinkable Book’ is a new invention that could potentially save millions of lives around the world. Its pages are made of treated paper that can purify water when passed through, killing over 99% of bacteria. Scoop has more: The book is the result of postdoctoral researcher Theresa Dankovich’s hard ... Read More »

Bizarre Japanese Men’s Magazine Is Dedicated To Male Nipples


Male nipples don’t really get much attention, mostly because a lot of people even consider them gross. But believe it or not, there’s a magazine in Japan that’s actually dedicated to ‘mipples’! The magazine is a fan-made dojinshi, which is a Japanese term for self-published magazines, novels, or manga. Its ... Read More »

Vigilance Group Uncovers Joint For Unclad Female Dancers In Asaba


An Asaba-based vigilance group has uncovered a joint where female teenagers dance Unclad and has arrested the operator of the joint. The joint, located in Asaba, hosts bizarre activities, including P0*nographic shows, especially at weekends. Confirming the arrest of the operator, the vigilance group boss, Chukwudi Nnamdi, said the suspect was ... Read More »