Sunday , 11 December 2016

Odd News

Robber Asks Police For Help After Locking Keys In Car


A quite strange moment happened in the US on Sunday morning as a man who allegedly robbed a Family Dollar store at gunpoint had his getaway foiled when he realised he locked his keys in his car and then asked for help from police who were called to the scene to …

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Iran To Install License Plates On Camels


Based on a new law in southern Iran, owners of camels are obliged to install registration plates on their animals so that they can be identified in case of being involved in car accidents. “We are going to give identity cards to 35,000 camels during the first phase of issuing …

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Indian College Bans Ripped Jeans, Says It ‘Mocks The Poor’

ripped jeans

A college in India has issued a circular banning its students from wearing ripped jeans on campus. St Xavier’s College issued the circular publicly earlier this week, and several students who were found wearing ripped jeans were stopped outside the college gate by security. Student forums were abuzz with debates on the …

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3 Students Charged After Feeding Home Economics Teacher Semen Frosting


Three boys face misdemeanor disturbing the peace charges after masturbating into containers and mixing their bodily fluids with frosting for their high school cooking teacher to sample during a taste test this week. According to a law enforcement official, the Omaha Westside High School students in Nebraska, USA, between the ages of 14 and …

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Venezuela Seizes Christmas Toys To Distribute To Poor


Authorities in Venezuela have confiscated almost 4 million toys from Kreisel, one of Venezuela’s leading distributors, for hiking up prices and hoarding products, the National Superintendence for the Defense of Socioeconomic Rights (SUNDDE) said. The Venezuelan government said the toys will be distributed to the poor. SUNDDE said on Twitter that …

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Donald Trump Effigies Burnt In Guatemala To Ward Off Evil Spirits

guatemala trump

Cardboard figures depicting US President-elect Donald Trump were set ablaze at the annual “Burning of the Devil” ceremony in Guatemala. The centuries-old tradition, held every year ahead of Christmas, is supposed to rid homes and neighbourhoods of bad spirits. This year, participants added a Trump lookalike to the fire, burning cardboard …

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Game Of Thrones-Themed Bar To Open In Scotland


In January, a Game of Thrones-themed bar is to open in Edinburgh, capital of Scotland, reports say. The bar, Blood & Wine, is modeled on medieval public houses. The drinks menu is made up of drinks found in the Song of Ice and Fire novels. “Our menu consists entirely of drinks …

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Boy Rescued From Inside A Wall In Ondo State


A 12-year old boy has been rescued from within a wall in mysterious circumstances in Ondo state. It is unclear how he was put in the wall in the first place but witnesses say he had been trapped for three days before people heard him singing and came to his …

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Penguins Dressed As Santa Claus Hold Parade In Japan


A group of penguins in Japan put up a spectacle as they marched in a parade wearing Santa Claus costumes. A German man living in the Asian country, Tristan Junker, captured the moment and posted a video to his Amazing Japan page on Facebook showing the six penguins clad in Santa capes …

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KFC New Zealand Offers Customers Fried Chicken-Scented Candle


The New Zealand wing of KFC is offering its customers the chance to win a bizarre merchandise: a fried chicken-scented candle. The fast food restaurant chain posted to Facebook showing a supposedly fried chicken-scented candle bearing the image of the chain’s Colonel Sanders logo. “To go in the draw to win …

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Camel Guides Blind Horse In US Zoo


A zoo in America is using a camel to help guide a blind horse. The travelling zoo based in Maine said its “seeing eye camel”, Caesar, helps Dolly the horse to navigate around its premises. Ed Papsis of the Pony X-Press Zoo said Dolly has been a part of their stable of …

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Man Celebrates 60th Birthday With $2 Million Lottery Jackpot


A man who works as a custodian at a high school in Illinois, USA, celebrated his 60th birthday by visiting the Illinois Lottery headquarters to collect his $2 million prize. Dave Martinez, a 34-year employee of New Trier High School, said he bought the Merry Millionaire scratch-off ticket in November 19 …

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Dogs Recreate Kanye West ‘Famous’ Music Video

dogs kanye west famous

A group of dogs have become an internet sensation after gathered together to recreate Kanye West‘s “Famous” video. The parody was produced by HIV/AIDS foundation (RED), and it features several celebrity dogs which were substituted for human celebrities including Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Kanye in his controversial music video. In contrast …

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Fisherman ‘Catches’ Kilo Of Cocaine Off Coast Of Miami


The captain of a charter boat in Florida, USA contacted the Coast Guard when made an unusual catch – a kilo of cocaine floating off the coast of Miami. Mark Quartiano was fishing with charter clients about some distance off the Miami coast on Wednesday when he and his crew spotted a package floating …

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Man Chops Off Own Penis After Wife Denied Him Sex


A 37-year-old ‘sexually frustrated’ Indian, Ghasi Ram, has cut off his penis after his wife Manjhri Devi, refused his sexual advances. Ram, who claims his wife had not slept with him in a decade, came home drunk on Tuesday when she turned down his demands, Daily Mail is reporting. The …

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Book Returned To School Library 120 Years Late

library book returned to british school 120 years late

A British school got a library book which was long overdue returned to it 120 years after it was originally checked out. Professor Arthur Boycott, a former student who attended Hereford Cathedral School from 1886 to 1894, checked out “The Microscope and its Revelations” by Dr William B. Carpenter and …

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Seal Jumps On Moving Boat To Beg For Fish


A friendly seal that jumped onto the back of a moving boat was filmed by a group of boaters off the coast of California, USA. A video posted to YouTube by user Peter M. Ladey shows the seal on the back of the moving speedboat Sunday after jumping up onto …

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112-Year-Old Woman Smokes 30 Cigarettes A Day


A woman who is believed to be the oldest in Nepal, at 112 years, has revealed a surprising fact about her life – she has been smoking cigarettes for 95 years. Batuli Lamichhane, of Nuwakot, whom local residents claim could be as old as 114 says she smokes up to 30 cigarettes …

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Sweden To Open World’s First Permanent Ice Hotel

ice hotel

Sweden is to open the world’s open the world’s first permanent ice hotel. The permanent year-round ice hotel is scheduled to open to the public mid-December. The resort, known as Icehotel 365, hosts 55 rooms including 20 suites and is made up of 30,000 liters of frozen water from the Torne …

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Man Takes ID Photo Wearing ‘Religious Horns’ On His Head


A man in the US who applied for a new ID after changing his name said he won a battle with officials to allow him to wear a pair of religious horns in his photo. Phelan MoonSong said he had his photo taken for a new ID after he legally changed …

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