Thursday , 28 July 2016

Odd News

Suspect Wearing Wolf Mask Robs Bank


The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is on a hunt for a suspect wearing a wolf mask who robbed a Fifth Third Bank in DeKalb, Illinois, Friday afternoon. According to the FBI, the robber carried out his operation at the branch at 4:11 p.m by showing a handgun. The FBI has released …

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Bride Gets Arrested On Wedding Day


Cecilia Siaw, 45, was carried away by British Home Office officers from her wedding ceremony. She was arrested for immigration fraud and was said to have overstayed her leave to remain in the UK and bought a dodgy identity document. Cecilia who is a qualified teacher was said to have entered the UK in 2009 legitimately but the …

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Man Leaves Bar Unclad After Being Unable To Sort His Bills


Residents of the town of Prerov in Czech Republic were amazed as they gazed on a man walk the streets unclad.         The man was dressed only in a pair of socks. He explained to police he left his clothes at a bar as collateral as he could not pay his bill. He …

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Woman Locked Up By Father For 4 Years For ‘UnIslamic Behavior’


A 16 year-old girl was held prisoner by her own father in Saudi Arabia for more than 4 years after she was accused of ‘un-Islamic behaviour’. Amina Al-Jeffery, now 21 years old, was born in Swansea, Wales but then taken to Saudi Arabia because her father did not agree with her western lifestyle. …

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This Woman Apologized To Her Man By Buying Him A G-Wagon!


We’re not exactly sure what she was apologizing for but this man received a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon from his partner as a way of saying ‘Sorry’. If your mind is still spinning and you need evidence, here you go! Part 1: later they would say Nigeria women are not romantic. We …

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Irish TV Channel Hosts unclad Dating Show


Last night, Irish TV channel, Channel 4 gave its viewers a shock by hosted a dating show in which the contestants were completely unclad. The contestants chose potential dates while they were standing fully unclad in boxes The show lived up to its name ”unclad Attraction” as there was so much indecency that …

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Man Blows Candles Out With Farts

fart bazooka

A 28 year-old Filipino man, Ronald Cabanas living in the village of Barangay Camandag extinguished lit candles through a home-made fart trumpet in less than 30 seconds.     He did this as an attempt to set a world record back in 2014, but was only made official recently by, an agency that allows people to …

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Man Leads Car Chase Due To Boredom


There have been reports that a man led a police car chase in the US due to boredom. The 30 year-old man had no warrants or prior convictions and had a valid driver’s license when he took off through an intersection near Olympia late Saturday. After speeding off, a sheriff’s deputy …

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Buddhist Monk Imprisoned For Gambling With Temple Money


A Buddhist monk living in Lafayette was sentenced yesterday to 30 months in prison for taking more than $263,463 from his own temple to gamble at a casino. US District Judge Donald Walter handed down the penalty on Khang Nguyen Le, 36, a Vietnamese citizen who had pleaded guilty to wire …

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‘Toilet Cafe’ To Open In Canada


Canada’s most populous city Toronto is set to open the first toilet restaurant in Canada. “I went to Taiwan two years ago and tried the Modern Toilet Restaurant and I really liked it,” said owner Lien Nguyen. “I decided to bring a toilet restaurant to Toronto because I didn’t see anybody open …

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‘Laughing Gas’ Mix Up Kills Newborn Baby In Australia


A newborn baby has been reported dead after being given “laughing gas” instead of oxygen in a tragic mix-up at an Australian hospital. The incident also caused another infant to be severely disabled. A doctor raised the alarm after the baby boy died unexpectedly earlier this month, with tests revealing that …

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Woman Caught Trying To Fool Police With Pillow Dummy


Police in New York state shared a photo of a pillow-based dummy used by a driver to cheat her way into the carpool lane. The Suffolk County Police Department said a 61-year-old woman was ticketed Thursday morning for not following the rules of the high-occupancy vehicle lanes.  The department said …

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Up-And-Coming Rapper Shoots His Face To Earn Popularity [VIDEO]


Aspiring hip hop artist Kasper Knight posted a horrifying footage on Facebook. The video appeared to show the foolhardy rapper press a gun against his cheek and pull the trigger without hesitation, blowing a hole into the side of his face. He performed the action seemingly in the hope the clip would …

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VIDEO: German Robot Cooks Sausage


A robot in Berlin, Germany has been given tongs and access to a hot grill, and taught to cook sausage. Just like humans, it locates empty spaces on the grill and places sausages as needed, eyes them and turns them to ensure even crisping of the skin, and plates them when they’re …

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VIDEO: Bride Surprises Groom By Arriving At Wedding Venue In His Waste Truck


A bride surprised her groom on their wedding day by turning up to the ceremony in a waste truck. Hilli Fletcher, 49, wanted to surprise her lover Binman Paul, 50, by transforming the huge 26-tonne truck for the big day. Paul was reduced to tears when his blushing bride arrived in the …

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Boy Dies After Air Was Pumped Through His Rectum


A 10 year-old boy has died in Bangladesh after a compressor hose was allegedly inserted into his rectum The incident occurred in a factory in which his body was filled with air. The boy was later rushed to hospital but he later died, according to a police spokesman. Several people have …

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Why Ogun Celestial Church Chained 9-year-old Boy For Weeks


A nine-year-old boy who was chained in Ogun State for weeks before his rescue on Friday, was given the horrifying punishment for allegedly stealing, police and the Nigeria Civil Defence Corps have said. The NSCDC had said in a statement on Saturday said its personnel rescued Taiwo Korede from the …

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Child Films Man Stealing From Mosque


This man did not know he was being filmed while stealing from a mosque in Saudi Arabia. The film was shot on Friday by a child who lives near the mosque. The child was playing with a camera when he spotted the man. The recorded clip shows the man stopping his pick-up truck near …

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This Woman’s Legs Can’t Stop Growing!


36 year-old Katia Page is suffering from Lipoedema, a chronic disorder that causes fatty tissue to accumulate in mass around the lower body. The woman from New Jersey, USA, has started a series of liposuction sessions in order to reduce her 4ft wide legs, and prevent them from growing further. She said her …

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Teenagers Ilegally Cross Into US Territory While Playing Pokemon Go

image (1)

Two Canadian teenagers have been arrested after wandering into United States territory illegally. The reason for their entry is what makes the story bizarre; the duo were engrossed in playing the game, Pokemon Go. The pair were so into finding the Pokemon characters that they hadn’t realised they’d walked straight …

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