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New Study: Babies Exposed To Marijuana In The Womb Have Better Eyesight


A new study has revealed that babies who are exposed to marijuana while in the womb experience better eyesight by the time they turn four. The study was conducted by researchers of University of Waterloo, Auckland and Brown University, US, who compared a group of tiny tots exposed to marijuana with ... Read More »

Russian MP Dies After Husband Set Off Grenade During Car s*x


A GLAMOROUS Russian politician and her husband died semi-unclad in the back of their 4×4 when he set off a bomb in a jealous rage, police said. Oksana Bobrovskaya, 30, a member of Vladimir Putin’s United Russia Party, was killed alongside hubby Nikita Bobrovsky. The couple are said to have been ... Read More »

How I Deceive Customers Into Buying Soap Instead Of Phones, 54 Year Old Suspect Explains


This 54-year-old man who hails from Effurun, Delta State, Michael Bisa, has been arrested for selling fake phones to customers in the Oshodi area of the state. According to the police, Bisa allegedly swindled members of the public by disguising as a mobile phone seller in the area, selling bars of ... Read More »

SEE This Internet Mockery Of ISIS Where Rubber Ducks Were Edited Into Its Recruitment Photos


In an effort to disrespect and mock the Islamic State, members of the 4chan and Reddit have been editing recruitment photos to recast the terrorist group as a gang of rogue rubber ducks armed with toilet brushes. The effort, informally referred to “Allahu Quackbar,” has 4chan “fighting terrorism with memes,” ... Read More »

Newborn Found Buried Alive Under Asphalt


A newborn was rescued after being buried alive under the asphalt of a walkway and bike path in Compton, Calif., police said. The crying of the baby was heard by two women walking along the path late Friday afternoon. One of the women, Evangelina McCrary heard the baby first. Her sister, ... Read More »

SEE How A Swimmer Broke The World Record And Still Finished Last


Australian swimmer Cate Campbell set a world record for the 100 metres freestyle on Saturday – but still finished last in the race. A specialist sprinter, Campbell broke the 100m record during the final of the 200m freestyle at her national short course championship. She set off at full speed and ... Read More »

Filipino Entrepreneur Creates Revolutionary Lamp That Runs On Saltwater

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Meet a Filipino architect and scientist who invented a revolutionary lamp that runs on a glass of saltwater instead of batteries. Her vision in creating the SALt (Sustainable Alternative Lighting) lamp was to “light up the rest of the Philippines sustainably,” by finding an environment-friendly alternative light source suitable for people in ... Read More »

Meet The Chinese Widow Who Spent 17 Years Putting Four Of Her Husband’s Five Killers In Prison

Pic shows: Li Guiying.nnA determined woman who has been hunting a gang of five assailants who killed her husband almost two decades ago has seen four of them put behind bars.nnBut the 17 years she has spent tracking down her husband¿s murderers has come at a high price - in which she sacrificed time she could have spent with her five children, all of whom are now adults.nnLi Guiying, 59, is a former village official from Xiangcheng city, in China¿s central Henan Province, while her late husband, Qi Yuande, who was a school teacher.nnLi and Qi Yuande had three sons and two daughters, and also ran a workshop producing nails, until everything changed in the winter of 1998.nnJust a low-level official at the time, Li started arguing with one of her neighbours named Qi Xueshan, who feared Li was going to make a complaint to authorities.nnFearing punishment from the local government, Qi Xueshan and four of his relatives asked the couple to visit. They then attacked Li with daggers and cleavers, seriously injuring her in the back and shoulder.nnLi¿s husband charged at the attackers with a sickle in order to defend her, but he was overpowered and stabbed to death by the men, who fled the town the very same day.nnThe devastated widow went to local police for help, but the ineffective and inefficient authorities let the gang get away, saying that there was a lack of leads and witnesses to pursue the case.nnShe was told that unless she could provide clues, they would not pursue the investigation - and that is what she decided to do herself.nnLi promised herself and her children that she would spend the rest of her life searching for the men who killed her husband, and who left her five children fatherless.nnShe was called "crazy" and "psychotic" during the endless years she spent tracking the five men down, visiting more than a dozen Chinese provinces during the process.nnHer breakthrough came finally in 2011, when her investigations and persistent questioning led to her discovering one of her attacker¿s mobile phone numbers.nnOne thing led to the next and over the past years four of the five attackers were captured and jailed by police, including her old neighbour, Qi Xueshan.nnDespite achieving so much to avenge the death of her late husband, Li admitted she missed out on too much time she could have spent with her children, including their formative teenage and university years.nnWhile her children matured into young adults, she spent many of her days on the road, which can also be seen from the many pictures she took of various provincial landmarks.nnAt almost 60 years old, Li says she also still has her husband¿s last attacker on her mind and hopes he can be brought to justice one day as well.nn(ends)n

Seventeen long years after witnessing the brutal murder of her husband Li Guiying’s struggles have finally borne fruit – she has managed to track down four of his five killer and provided enough evidence to have them locked up. 58-year-old Li doesn’t plan on stopping until she finds the last killer ... Read More »

Piece Of Exploded SpaceX Rocket Found Off British Coast


A piece of a rocket, believed to be from the SpaceX Falcon 9 that exploded on takeoff from Florida in June, was found near Britain Friday. UPI reports: The barnacle-encrusted metal section of the rocket, about 32 feet by 13 feet, was hauled onto a boat whose crew discovered it ... Read More »

Canadian Lottery Jackpot Winner Dies After Gold Plating His Balls


Many people like to flash their cash in different ways – for instance, gold and diamond mouth grills. But to celebrate his recent jackpot win, Justin decided to take it to another level.  Justin Reiter from Alberta, Canada, died of medical  complications after attempting to gold plate his own private ... Read More »

Spanish Footballer Gets One-Year Ban For Slapping Female Referee With His man-hood

NANJING, CHINA - AUGUST 23: A FIFA Assistant Referee in action during the 2014 FIFA Girls Summer Youth Olympic Football Tournament Semi Final match between Venezuela and Mexico at Wutaishan Stadium on August 23, 2014 in Nanjing, China.  (Photo by Stanley Chou - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

A footballer in Spain has been hit with a one-year ban after trying to hit an assistant referee with his man-hood during a game. A few weeks ago, we brought you the story of the Celtic de Pulianas player who sprinted onto the pitch during CD Abes vs Gabia CF and attempted to assault ... Read More »

Tanzania Scraps Government Christmas Cards To Save Cash

Tanzania's President elect John Pombe Magufuli salutes members of the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi Party (CCM) at the party's sub-head office on Lumumba road in Dar es Salaam, October 30, 2015. REUTERS/Sadi Said

Tanzanian officials will not be allowed to send out the usual government printed Christmas and New Year cards this year as part of belt-tightening measures by the new president. John Magufuli has implemented a series of austerity steps since being sworn in on Nov. 5, including cancelling independence day festivities and ... Read More »

Former Luncheonette Owner Chooses To Die In Her Restaurant

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A 78-year-old woman decided to spend her final hours last month — to her very last breath — in the now-shuttered New Jersey luncheonette she spent more than three decades running. The lights dimmed on Chubby’s Luncheonette three years ago, but it was so special to former owner Carol “Chubby” Montello ... Read More »

Black Friday Tragedy: Man Dies In Stampede After Camping Outside Mall For 7days


42 year-old Leroy Gunter who had been camping outside Best Buy 7 days before Black Friday, was killed by a stampede of shoppers who were waiting in line behind him. Leroy Gunter started camping outside Best Buy on November 21st and was interviewed by local media when interviewed he showed ... Read More »

Miss Criminal 2015 Prison Beauty Contest Won By Woman Serving 39 Years For Robbery


Not all beauty contests come complete with armed guards, watch towers and barbed wire fences. But then your average pageant doesn’t take place in one of the toughest’s women’s prisons in the world. According to Scoop, the annual Miss Criminal 2015 beauty pageant was held at the Talavera Bruce women’s prison ... Read More »

Russian Tax Collectors To Be Given Money-Scented Soap To Make Them More Enthusiastic About Collecting Taxes


In a bid to make Russian tax collectors more interested in their jobs, a local government has come up with a rather bizarre scheme – providing them with money-scented soap! The idea is that the special odor will stimulate and inspire tax collectors to love and enjoy collecting money. The idea is the ... Read More »

Man Generates Almost No Garbage In Two And A Half Year Trash-Free Experiment


Darshan Karwat, a post-doctorate at the University of Michigan, is making headlines for having maintained an incredibly frugal and sustainable lifestyle during his student years. The man gave up fast food, new clothes, and even toilet paper, until he got to a point where his trash for an entire year ... Read More »

Amazing Architect Turns Old Grain Silo Into Amazing-Looking Home


It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but this cylindrical structure is an architectural marvel. It actually used to be an old grain silo from the 1950s, but it’s been transformed a cozy, well-equipped one-bedroom by architect Christoph Kaiser. He now lives in the silo-house – located in Phoenix, ... Read More »

23-Year-Old Pleads Guilty To Stealing Human Brains From Indiana Medical Museum


A 23-year-old Indiana man pleaded guilty on Wednesday to breaking into a medical museum and stealing preserved human brains and other tissue that he then sold online, authorities said. David Charles, of Indianapolis, pleaded guilty to six charges including receiving stolen property, and burglary in a Marion County court where Magistrate ... Read More »

Tech Company Reveals Its Working On Human Resurrection


A technology company says it’s working on a project which would allow a human’s consciousness to be transferred to an artificial body after their death. In what sounds like a plot from a science fiction blockbuster, tech company Humai are working on human resurrection through artificial intelligence. They’re hopeful that ... Read More »