Thursday , 25 August 2016

Odd News

Waiter Opens Fire During Fight With Customers

killer waiter

Police say a waiter at a San Antonio steakhouse in Texas, USA, pulled out a gun during a dispute with two diners and fired multiple shots before running from the restaurant. A patron took a cellphone video of the altercation Wednesday afternoon at the Little Red Barn Steakhouse, located on …

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Romanian Government Decree That Metal Shows Must Be Approved by the Church

metal band

Following a show by a metal band called Dark Funeral in Romania, the country’s government has announced that all future metal shows in the area will have to be approved by the orthodox church. Many have criticised the law, claiming it is in violation to several sections of the Romanian Constitution, and saying all citizens …

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Flight Delayed By Crew Members Arguing Over Water Bottles


A UK flight from London to Belfast was due to take off around 3pm when a row between crew members broke out. It’s understood the disagreement centred around the packing away of water bottles. An easyJet spokesman said: “EasyJet can confirm that flight EZY835 from London Gatwick to Belfast returned to …

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Cows In India Get Glow-in-the-dark Horns to Prevent Accidents

cow glow on horns

Police in central India are now sticking glow-in-the-dark strips on the horns of stray cattle to prevent motorists from crashing into the animals as they wander across roads at night, an officer said on Tuesday. Following a spate of road accidents, traffic police in one district of Madhya Pradesh state …

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Indian Boy Suffers Skin Disorder, His Hands & Feet Turn To “Tree Roots”


Ripon Sarker from Thakurgaon, Bangladesh suffers from the condition epidermodysplasia verruciformis, which causes abnormal susceptibility to human papillomavirus – causing the growth of scaly warts. The young boy was admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital on August 20 for treatment for the first time, as his family couldn’t afford it. …

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Man Gets Stuck In Gap Between Buildings While Trying To Impress Lady


A student tried to jump from one rooftop to another in the early hours of the morning, in an attempt to impress a girl he had met hours earlier. He failed in his attempt and instead got stuck in a tiny gap between the two buildings in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Seeing that …

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A City Is Paying People Not To Commit Crimes


A suburb in San Francisco, USA, is testing a controversial strategy to combat gun violence plaguing the community. It is planning to pay people not to commit crimes. The experiment known as “Advance Peace” is being conducted in Richmond, California, and works like this: The 18-month fellowship hires convicted felons to …

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Rare Pokemon Triggers Stampede in Taiwan

pokemon go_logo

A video has emerged on the internet showing mob stampedes through Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. In what seemed like a scene from a movie, people were rushing through the streets. The reason is a very odd one. One would think the people were running from a terrorist attack, but actually, they were Pokemon Go …

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Two Women Faint On Road After Arguing Non-Stop For 8 Hours


Two-middle-aged women were reported to have fainted after arguing non-stop for eight hours in Angkang City, China. The incident occurred in the downtown area when the ladies started arguing over debt issues. The women had started arguing at 2pm over an unpaid debt. They had been trying to come to an …

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Baby Dies After Being Left In A Fridge For Hours


A woman is facing life in prison for allegedly killing her four-day-old child by leaving him in the refrigerator. 27-year-old Angela Renee Blackwell of Chester County, South Carolina, USA, was arrested Monday, accused of felony homicide by child abuse. Blackwell was reportedly at her home on February 27 when she …

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KFC Launches Sunscreen Which smells Like Crispy chicken


Popular eatery brand, KFC, has launched a sunscreen that smells like ”crispy fried chicken”. KFC, which is owned by Louisville, Kentucky-based Yum Brands Inc, has given away 3,000 bottles of the scented sunscreen.  It said it was out of stock just a few hours after they appeared on its website yesterday. …

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Woman Removes Rock-Like Object From Her Belly Button


An woman in the US who found a strange object growing in her belly button posted video of the rock-like growth being pulled out with tweezers. Jamie Davis from Oklahoma appeared in a video posted to YouTube Sunday showing how she used tweezers to remove a rock-like object she found filling …

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Nigerian Man stri*ped To His Boxers On The Streets Of Bangkok, Thailand


According to Daily News, A ‘crazy’ Nigerian man said to be about 35-years-old, was found lying down in the middle of the road causing traffic to swerve round him near the Sam Sian Elephant Museum, Bangkok. Thailand on Monday, August 15. He was wearing only shorts and gabbling incoherently. Police …

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Man Goes Unclad To Celebrate Zambian President’s Election Victory


Zambia’s incumbent President Edgar Lungu has been declared the winner of a closely fought presidential election, but the result was immediately challenged by his main opponent Hakainde Hichilema. Lungu, leader of the Patriotic Front (PF), won 50.35 percent of Thursday’s vote, against 47.67 percent for Hichilema, of the United Party …

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70yr old Chinese man buys replica model of his dead wife


A Chinese man identified as Zhang who became devastated after he lost his wife of 40 years, bought this silicon model which cost him $2,412 to replace her. According to Zhang, the spirit of his wife lives inside the silicon model. He says since his wife’s death, the silicon model …

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Father Kills Son Because He ‘Wasn’t Studying Hard Enough’


A Japanese father has stabbed his son to death after complaining the child was not studying hard enough for a school entrance exam. Ryota, 12, was rushed to hospital after the incident but died from blood loss, according to Nagoya local police. A police spokesman declined to provide details of …

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Philippines Police Given Bizzare Bans

phillipines police

Philippines police have been warned not to pick their noses or take selfies while on duty. The island country’s National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) issued a memorandum which reminds officers not to do anything that might create a negative impression among members of the public. Apart from the aforementioned warnings, …

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Man Slashes 8 Women’s Buttocks In Public Pool


Japanese police have been reported to be on a hunt for a man who slashed eight young women’s buttocks in a public swimming pool in Tokyo. His victims were all women said to be aged between 19 and 23. They were at Summerland water park when the man allegedly swam …

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Penguin Promoted To Brigadier In Royal Norwegian Guard

penguin march

A king penguin by the name of Sir Nils Olav III has just been promoted to Brigadier in the Royal Norwegian Guard. The Edinburgh Zoo’s resident penguin was awarded the prestigious title during a special ceremony at the zoo with 50 of Norway’s guardsmen in attendance. Sir Olav III marched …

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Check Out Bizarre Wedding Photos Where Couples Are Packed In Vacuum-Tight Plastic

c (5)

Japanese photographer, Hal Kawaguchi has taken the art of wedding photography to another level. His method involves packing the couple in a plastic bag, sucking out all the air after which he has just four seconds to snap away before the couple suffocate. Despite risking death if anything goes wrong, …

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