Friday , 29 May 2015
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Woman Offers To Lick The Anus Of Police Officer As Bribe


It has to be the strangest bribe a police have ever been offered.  But unfortunately for Diane Thomas, the officer arresting her did not accept her invitation to have his anus licked. According to Scoop, the 52-year-old, of  Monroe, Louisiana, US, was held over domestic abuse charges after claims that she punched ... Read More »

Teen Eats Screws And Needles In His Prison Cell Racking Up $1million In Medical Bills

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A teenager in Illinois, who was arrested on charges of robbery, is eating metal and leather inside his prison cell, the defendant’s lawyer told a court. Worldwideweirdnews has more: So far, 17-year-old Lamont Cathey has cost the Cook County Jail, more than $1 million in medical expenses. Cathey has been in ... Read More »

Man Shocked As Prostitutes He Ordered Turn Out To Be His Daughters


A 49-year-old Los Angeles, USA, father of 10, Titus McDonalds, who said he was having marital problems and decided to experiment with some prostitutes for a party, was shocked to his bone marrow when the two call girls he ordered turned out to be two of his daughters who had ... Read More »

60-Year-Old Woman Charged For Chopping Off Man’s Ear In Zaria


A sexagenarian, Nana Shehu, was on Wednesday hauled up before an Upper Sharia Court, Tudun-Wada in Zaria for allegedly biting off her neighbour’s right ear. The accused, 60, who resides at Kwarin Dangoma, Tudun Jukun, Zaria, is facing a two-count charge of assault and causing grievous harm. Vanguard reports: The prosecutor, ... Read More »

Woman Accuses Lagos Pastor Of Impregnating Her Spiritually


The police on Thursday arraigned a hairdresser, Rose Godwin, before an Apapa Magistrate Court sitting in Lagos for obtaining the sum of N5000 from a pastor she alleged impregnated her spiritually. According to the prosecutor, Cpl John Iberedem, the accused is standing trial on a two count change of breach of ... Read More »

VIDEO: Police Officer Abandones Duty To Have s*x With Woman Who Called For Help


A police officer abandoned his duty to serve and protect his community while engaging in s*x with a woman. According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, The Sevier County Sheriff’s Deputy was fired after he was charged for allegedly having s*x with the woman while on duty. Scoop reports: The officer ... Read More »

Nintendo Wii Burns Down Man’s Home In Colorado


  A man in Colorado, is angry that his favorite game console burned down his own home. The man of Colorado Springs, lost his mobile home in a fire that was started by a Nintendo Wii. Odd News Blog has more: Although firefighters are still investigating the exact cause of the ... Read More »

Photos: Dog In China Spotted Wearing Two Gold Apple Watches Worth $12,000


A Siberian Husky has upstaged Katy Perry, Beyoncé and even Jay Z by sporting not one, but two gold Apple Watches on its front paws. The dog, known by his name, Wang Ke on Chinese social media, belongs to Wang Sicong, the son of Chinese billionaire, Wang Jialin, reported TIME magazine. ... Read More »

Power Bank Electrocutes Girl In Ghana – Viewers Discretion Adviced [PHOTO]


A young Ghanaian girl identified as Blandine was on May 25th electrocuted to death after the power bank she was using to charge her phone got stuck on her skin and electrocuted her. According to reports from Dumsor, Ghana, the girl was chatting with a friend when she fell asleep ... Read More »

Tricycle Driver Kills 18-Year-Old Friend For Invitating Him To Join A Cult Group


If the dead can speak, late Emmanuel Jacob, aged 18, would have been able to tell the actual cause of the fight between him and his friend that resulted in his death at Dejioworo Street, Alapere, Lagos. Reports said on May 18, at about 9 p.m., a fight ensued between the ... Read More »

14-Year-Old Girl Gets Paid To Have s*x With 500 Men In Hotel While Being Recorded


A man was arrested on charges of r*pe after allegedly having s*x with a young girl in a hotel room while recording the acts, police in Japan said. Ibaraki Police said that they have arrested 38-year-old Tsuyoshi Kuwana, on charges of human trafficking for using the 14-year-old girl as an actress ... Read More »

Cow Poo-powered Bus Sets Land Speed Record


The same bus model that typically transports residents of Reading, England, around the city recently set a land speed record. The bus topped out at 76.785 mph as it rounded the track at Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire. UPI has more: The kicker is — the bus is powered by ... Read More »

Merriam-Webster Adds New 1,700 Words Including ‘WTF’ And ‘Meme’


Merriam-Webster has added more than 1,700 new words into its dictionary, including “emoji,” “colossal squid” and even “WTF” for when you see “NSFW” “memes.” The American reference guide also expanded existing entries by more than 700 new senses and added 3,200 examples that provide contextual information. UPI reports: “Whatever they do ... Read More »

Man Dresses As Busty Woman He Can Spy On Women In Restrooms


A Peeping Tom was arrested after dressing as a woman to spy on women while using the bathroom, police in China said. The man who was identified as Zhang, was arrested in Shandong, after confessing to dressing as a woman so he could spy on the women using the bathrooms. Scoop ... Read More »

Kidnappers Demand AK-47, Machine Guns As Ransom


The Rivers State Police Command has said that two suspected kidnappers have confessed that they demanded one AK-47 and 12 general purpose machine guns as ransom for the release of their victim, Mrs. Chinyere Olumma. Olumma was rescued on Friday, May 22. Punch reports: The suspects, according to the state ... Read More »

Casket with body inside found on a sidewalk in Houston


A bicyclist,Yoel Rubio made the bizarre discovery on Tuesday morning when he was riding his bicycle along a bayou path, when he saw the casket. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” Rubio said.  “It was crazy.” This happened near Keegan’s Bayou in southwest Houston.  Police believe stormwaters lifted the casket out of ... Read More »

Yale graduate leaps to his death after stabbing fellow student


A man who graduated from Yale University last week stabbed a fellow student at an off-campus apartment building Tuesday morning before jumping out of a ninth-floor window to his death, police said. New Haven police say it happened around 5.30am at Taft Apartments on College Street, located across from the ... Read More »

Man Gets Life In Prison For Stealing Cigarettes


A man in South Carolina, was sentenced to life in prison for stealing cigarettes.  56-year-old David Duren Jr. of Sumter, has been sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of stealing $900 worth of cigarettes. Duren acted as his own attorney in court. However, he failed to convince the jury ... Read More »

Guy Dies By Falling Off Cliff Into Ocean While Taking A Selfie


A college student died as he was trying to take the perfect selfie on the edge of a mountain overlooking the ocean, police in Indonesia said. Bali Police said that 21-year-old Mohamed Aslam Bin Shahul of Singapore, died after falling off a cliff and into the ocean while trying to take ... Read More »

Dutch Fashion Designer Creates Clothing Line That Prevents Slouching

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Dutch designer, Jeffrey Heiligers’ latest clothing line – ‘Posture’ – targets people who spend most of their time hunched over a computer. By preventing the wearer from slouching, the clothes help people improve their posture in the long run. Oddity Central has more: The concept is simple – every time ... Read More »