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School Ban Girls From Running In Competitions For Fear Of Losing Their Virginity


A school in Australia, is being criticized for prohibiting girls from participating in running competitions for fear of losing their virginity. According to worldwideweirdnews, the shocking claim was made against an Islamic high school in Melbourne, but school officials denied that girls were being banned from running to protect their ... Read More »

Man Blows Himself Up Because His Wife Cheats On Him


A husband and wife were hospitalized after the man attempted to commit suicide. The 39-year-old man of Taichung, Taiwan, attempted to commit suicide after suspecting that his wife was having an affair. The man took a small propane tank and placed it in his work room. He opened the gas, and waited ... Read More »

This Famous Dutch Owl Loves To Land On People’s Heads

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The small Dutch town of Noordeinde has been getting a lot of attention lately, thanks to a cheeky owl who likes nothing more than to land on people’s heads. Apparently, a fence or a tree just isn’t good enough for the beautiful European eagle owl, weighing around six pounds. It ... Read More »

Meet The Indian Man Who Is On A Mission To Date 365 Women This Year


Indian photographer, Sunder Ramu is on a quest to date 365 women this year, but the guys swears he’s no Casanova. Scoop has more: Sunder’s intentions are actually quite different than what you might imagine. It appears that he took up challenge simply as a way to meet more people. ... Read More »

China Funeral Strippers Are Common Form Of Entertainment To Lighten The Mood When Someone Dies


In the event that you were grieving the passing of a friend or family member in China, at any rate the amusement may have perked you up. This has been going on for years in that region when death occurs. In the country of China, procuring fascinating dance lovers to perform ... Read More »

Canadian Man Walks Around China With Sign Seeking His Online Girlfriend


A man traveled from Canada to China, to locate a woman he met online.  The 60-year-old man traveled all the way from Vancouver to Shenzhen, and is walking around with a photo of the woman he met online. Read the rest on Scoop: The man, who was identified as Jake, ... Read More »

Couple Who Met Through Dating Website Learn They Are Brother And Sister


A man and woman met on a dating website and began flirting with each other only to learn that they are siblings. Scoop has more: The strange situation developed when Erik de Vries, 24, and Josephine Egberts, 22, began chatting on the popular dating website, Tinder. Erik said that the more ... Read More »

[Graphic Pics] Woman In Critical Condition After Receiving Horrific Beating From Her Lover


This man you see here, is a horrible, horrible man. You won’t believe what he did to his woman. 18 year old Malawian woman, Linda Phulani is currently in a critical condition after her live-in-lover, John Yasini beat her mercilessly over allegations of infidelity. According to Malawi Nation, Linda moved ... Read More »

AWKWARD!!! Woman Designs Underwear Out Of Real Human Hair…


A woman in Sweden named Nina Sparr uses the authentic hair to create some of her products. She sources for human hair from all over the country to make a variety of items, including pairs of panties. Source: Complex Magazine. Read More »

Hollywood Restaurant Grows Food On Menu List Right Next To Customers’ Table

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Lots of people are into growing their own food these days, and it looks like restaurants are trying to catch up too. Hollywood restaurant ‘Tender Greens’, for instance, is filled with vertical gardens, and everything they grow is served on the menu! Read more from the OddityCentral: “We’ve always been ... Read More »

New Trend Has Teens Sucking On Glasses And Bottles To Get Kylie Jenner’s Lips

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In a bid to achieve Kylie Jenner-like pouty lips, teens all over the world are engaging in a bizarre DIY lip job challenge called the‪#‎kyliejennerchallenge‬. It involves blowing up their lips to comically large proportions by sucking on a glass or a jar. Oddity Central reports: The method is reportedly ... Read More »

Kindhearted Chinese Couple Have Adopted Over 40 Disabled Orphans In The Last 26 Years


Chen Tianwen and his wife, Guo Gairan adopted their first child in 1989, after they had found him abandoned. For the past 26 years, they have taken in over 40 disabled orphans. OddityCentral reports: After finding out about the duo’s kindness in adopting their first child, the local Civil Affairs ... Read More »

Embryonic Twins Discovered By Los Angeles Surgeons In Patient’s Brain


Los Angeles surgeons working to remove a tumor from an Indiana woman’s brain said the growth turned out to be the patient’s embryonic twin. UPI reports: Yamini Karanam, 26, a Ph.D. student at Indiana University, said she underwent surgery at the Skull Base Institute after problems she started having with ... Read More »

Couple Fined $13,500 For Having Loud s*x That Disturbed Neighbors


A man and a woman were dragged to court for having very loud s*x sessions, which disturbed their neighbors, according to court documents in Italy. Scoop has more: Now, the couple has been fined $13,500 for having loud s*x that forced the neighbors to move away from the street. The couple, ... Read More »

15-Year-Old Boy Stabs Mother For Refusing To Sign Up For Internet Service


A boy was arrested on charges of attempted murder after allegedly stabbing his mother because she refused to sign up for Internet service, police in Japan said. Odd News Blog has more: Kaga Police said that they have arrested the 15-year-old boy on Sunday, after being accused of stabbing his ... Read More »

Tennessee Dad Uses Drone To Follow Daughter To School


A Tennessee father who used a drone to watch his 8-year-old daughter as she walked to school alone said he wants her to know “dad is always watching.” UPI has more: Chris Early, who owns a Knoxville video production company, said the camera drone he bought about a month ago ... Read More »

Teenager Lands In Hospital After He Attempted To Kiss A Venomous Snake


A Florida man is recovering from a cottonmouth snake bite to his lip after he allegedly tried to smooch the serpent on the mouth. UPI reports: Hillsborough County sheriff’s deputies said Austin Hatfield, 18, captured the 4-foot cottonmouth, also known as a water moccasin, while swimming last week and kept ... Read More »

‘Evil’ Twin With Complete Bone, Hair And Teeth Found Inside Woman’s BRAIN | Photos


An embryonic twin has been found inside a woman’s brain while she was having surgery for a suspected tumour. Doctors discovered the twin, known medically as a ‘teratoma’, complete with bone, hair and teeth, inside the brain of Yamini Karanam, 26. Yamini sought medical help last September when she began ... Read More »

BIZARRE LAW!!! Men In Saudi Arabia Can Eat Their Wives If Suffering Severe Hunger


Men in Saudi Arabia are allowed to eat their wives but only if they are extremely hungry. Saudi Arabian grand *mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah allegedly issued the guidelines to allow a husband to eat his wife’s body parts in extreme circumstances. The cleric is reported to have said the ruling represents ... Read More »

Russian Company Commence Selling Ad Space On Women’s Chests


A company in Russia, said that they were flooded with orders after announcing a new advertising option of writing a message across women’s chests. Scoop has more: The new service that allows companies to pay to advertise their brand on the chests of women, is provoking anger on social media sites. ... Read More »