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5 Bad Vibes You’re Unwittingly Sending Your Spouse


Though your intentions may not be meant negatively, here are five bad vibes you’re sending your spouse: Talking about the past Though your past is part of your life, it’s better not to bring it up while discussing sensitive issues. Depending on what you say, the past can very easily ... Read More »

Must Read: Dangers Of Skin Bleaching


Some people believe lightening their skins make them more beautiful and hence go into bleaching, whitening or toning. TUNDE OGUNTOLA in this piece, writes on the health hazards of skin lightening as it is not just all about skin bleaching but also what comes after. Bleaching is the process of ... Read More »

7 Things You Do Every Day That Are Destroying Your Life’s Potential

Young woman covering mouth with hand, close-up

Throughout my young life, one of the most important things I have noticed is that the smallest decisions we make each day tend to have some of the most profound consequences on our overall state of being. However, sometimes unhealthy habits become so routine, we forget to take a moment ... Read More »

Side Chick Alert! 5 Surprising Reasons He WON’T Leave His Wife For ‘The Other Woman’


Get used to being the chick on the side — that’s likely not going to change. There are different ways we justify getting involved with a man who has other commitments. Putting all judgment aside, it’s best to weigh all sides of the issue and actually take a professional, non-biased ... Read More »

20 Qualities That Set A TRUE BFF Apart From Just A Regular Friend

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There are one or two that stand above the rest. There are some very big differences between a BFF and a regular friend. You could have tons of regular friends, but there is something very different about the relationship that you have with a best friend. For those people who ... Read More »

Happy Armpits: Make Your Own Coconut-Oil Deodorant (Recipe Included!)


  Let me just explain what this most abundant metal in Earth’s crust does, and how it ended on our armpits. Aluminium-based complexes react with the electrolytes in the sweat to form a gel plug in the duct of the sweat gland. What this means is that someone in some ... Read More »

8 Signs It’s Time To Break Up With That Friend

one caucasian couple dispute separation man leaving and woman holding back in studio silhouette isolated on white background

We all know how painful breakups can be. Sleepless nights, tissues full of tears, and enough takeout to last us a lifetime. Days spent convincing ourselves we will never be the same again. But we silently pray to ourselves that the miserable feelings will pass, and eventually, they do. But ... Read More »

10 Tips For Conquering Chores


Getting our kids to do chores takes effort. We need to remember that children are imperfect beings and so are we. Remember that they are, after all, CHILDREN, and by definition haven’t mastered themselves or their attitudes and so all of this is a work in progress. Given all of ... Read More »

17 Cancer Facts Every Person Needs To Know


                                                                                                    ... Read More »

9 Brutal Truths About Loving A Woman Who Worries

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Don’t tell her to stop worrying. It’s useless. You’ve found a beauty and are ready to call her yours, but you realize that for some reason, no matter how much you reassure her, your dame worries. A lot. You feel sort of hopeless. You don’t want her to stress, but ... Read More »

Ring Bearer & Flower Girl At A Wedding Marries 17 Years Later | Photos

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Adrian and Brooke Franklin walked down the aisle as ring bearer and flower girl in a wedding back in 1998, when they were just kids. On Sept. 19, they walked down the aisle together again… as bride and groom this time. While their story may have ended with wedding bells, ... Read More »

#GirlBoss: 5 Tips For Dating Men

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Girl bosses are not your average girls; they are independent and passionate. They are go-getters in nearly every aspect of their lives. A primary reason they’ve achieved the level of success they have is because of these fabulous characteristics. However, being a strong, confident woman who has succeeded in her ... Read More »

5 Things Husbands Can Do To Get Laid WAY More Often By Their Wives


Knowledge is power. But real knowledge about your spouse? Nuclear. Being a man, my wife is a mystery to me like stars are to a child. Sometimes I feel like I’m gazing at her beauty from a distance; and while that’s not so bad, a closer look wouldn’t be too ... Read More »

Want To Be Waaaay Better In Bed? Do THESE 4 Things For Your Man


These orgasmic s*x tips will help you please your man. Learning how to have the most mind-blowing s*x is a lot easier than you think. You don’t need to turn into some crazy P0*n star or a crazed nut in order to please your man and have a good time. ... Read More »

Woman-Hater Alert!!! – 12 Ways To Spot A Misogynist

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Misogyny is the hatred or dislike of women or girls… The misogynists. You may have heard of them. But what you may not realize is that they can be anywhere around you. They are notoriously hard to spot. They do not come with a label attached, and they may even ... Read More »

Bed Undefiled! – 3 Ways You Can Stay Celibate While Dating

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You’ve made the commitment to God, yourself and your future spouse that you are going to wait to have s*x until marriage. You felt empowered when you made the decision, but now you’re just feeling…well, you know…horny! The struggle is real. You don’t want to break your vow, but the ... Read More »

5 Signs He Isn’t Interested In You — He’s STALKING You

Unfaithful man

If you smell the slightest whiff of stalking after you’ve met or started dating someone, alert your friends about your concerns and proceed with caution. There are several examples of stalking behavior, and each type means that you could find yourself in trouble if you get too close to this ... Read More »

4 Foods That’ll Get You That Tiny Waist … Without A Waist Trainer!

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Start scribbling your grocery list with these superfoods that help flatten your belly and control blood sugar. 1. Stock up on Blueberries A University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center study found that when rats consumed just 2 percent of their calories from blueberries over a 90-day period, they significantly reduced their ... Read More »

5 Ways You Remind Him You Are The Best Choice He Ever Made


How did you know it was her? How do you still know she is the right one for you? What was it about her that made you want to marry her? Depending on the context, married couples have probably been asked these questions at some point or another in reference ... Read More »

4 Things Parents Do That Cause Their Children To Secretly Cry In The Night


Sometimes parents don’t realize the impact certain behaviors have on their children. Loving parents don’t want to harm their children physically or psychologically, but if you’re not careful it can happen. These actions can cause those precious little souls you love so much to cry in the night, unbeknownst to ... Read More »