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10 Things Men Need To Know About Women Before Marriage


At times, men have difficulty understanding the woman they love. When preparing for marriage, here are some things to know to save yourself from a post “I do” shock. 1. Girls fart too Sometimes we even sweat and smell. This one comes straight from my mother, who is the sweetest ... Read More »

If You Feel These 3 Things, It May Be Love, But Not True Love


You need to stop wasting your time with the people that you should know won’t work out. And you would know this if you actually paid attention to what’s happening. I know you’re not blind. And you’re probably not stupid. But chances are that you’re making mistakes that you could ... Read More »

Warning: 6 Early Signs Of An Abusive Relationship


Abusive relationships often begin as incredibly intense and passionate love affairs. Abusers can be charismatic, attentive, committed, a real life Prince Charming. Let’s face it, as a society, we’re tired of people with commitment issues. Someone who says “I love you” and talks marriage and children is a rare creature ... Read More »

4 Things You Should Never Say To Your Spouse

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Have you ever said something to your spouse and then immediately thought to yourself…”Ummmm…I didn’t actually say that out loud just then did I?!” I think we’ve all been there and sometimes we can say the most hurtful things to the people we love the most. Whoever said “Sticks and ... Read More »

5 Ways To Avoid Losing Yourself In Your Relationship


While it’s common for couples to begin doing everything together, one of the most important elements of succeeding at your relationship is to continue letting your individual identity shine. Your personal identity is what keeps your relationship healthy and balanced. Losing yourself can lead to feeling stuck in your relationship ... Read More »

This Insane Watermelon Skinning Trick Will Blow Your Mind

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We all know how to cut watermelon into cubes and slices. But it is so boring… How many times have your guests really been impressed with those shapes? One former NASA engineer, Mark Rober, figured out the coolest party watermelon trick. This guy presents the fruit in a way you’d ... Read More »

Gov. Fayose Pardons Ekiti Civil Servants Caught For Lateness To Work


Remember the pics of Ekiti state workers begging on their knees that went viral? Well, Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose, has pardoned the 31 civil servants who resumed late to work that day. According to Punch, the governor announced this at a meeting with public servants in Ado Ekiti “I ... Read More »

5 Ways Other Than s*x Someone Can Cheat On You

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I never understood why people would cheat on the ones they love most. Cheating is a choice. Being in a relationship is also a choice. You chose to make your relationship exclusive and monogamous. But you also chose to lie, sneak around and break the promises you made. You broke ... Read More »

9 Things Women Do That Men Quickly Find COMPLETELY Unattractive


Why don’t you just be yourself, ladies? Here’s a secret about men: we want a woman who’s cool with who she is. What we don’t like is a woman who tries to be who she’s NOT. But here’s some warning signs that maybe you’re not cool with who you are ... Read More »

The Common Cause Of Brown Blood Menstruation

Your menstrual cycle is a monthly phenomenon which depends on a number of emotional, physical as well as hormonal factors. All of these factors operate together to ensure that a woman has a continuous supply of mature eggs ready for reproduction at the time of ovulation, and also that the ... Read More »

The Complicated Gender – 12 Things Women Say vs What They Actually Mean

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The truth is, women are complicated. We play games, give hints and say just about anything other than what we really mean. Everything seems to have a deeper meaning or no meaning at all. It is crazy and confusing. The worst part is that we expect the poor guys around ... Read More »

Gov. Fayose Seen Checking Licenses Of Motorists In The State

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Lol. Action governor… Source: LIB Read More »

14 Natural Foods That Cleanse The Liver


Eating the following foods is the best way to keep your liver healthy and functioning the way you need it to. I would encourage you to incorporate these liver cleanse foods into your weekly diet. 1. Garlic Just a small amount of this pungent white bulb has the ability to ... Read More »

Male POV: Girls Who Make Their Man Their Only Hobby Are The WORST


There’s a tendency, especially early in relationships, to really become engrossed in another person. Some amount of obsession is good, healthy, and normal. Some amount of t-shirt sniffing is totally reasonable. Buying him a fly polo because it would look good with his muscles is thoughtful. But constantly ditching your ... Read More »

6 Myths About Introverts You Should Know

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If you’re an introvert, you might be used to feeling misunderstood (many introvert children are criticized for not speaking up at school, and grow up being told to “come out of their shells”) and having your actions (or inaction) misinterpreted. And if you’re an extrovert, there’s a good chance that ... Read More »

4 Major Dating Mistakes Women Make Over And Over


Ladies, it’s time to change our misguided dating ways once and for all. It wasn’t long ago that women likely felt they brought little to the marriage table. After the dowry went out of fashion, women were largely high school educated women looking for a husband to “take care of ... Read More »

4 Reasons Marrying Someone For Good Looks Is A Really Bad Idea

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We all know that marrying someone for their looks is not the best idea. But why? Being attracted to someone is important in a relationship. If you have no physical attraction to a person, then you probably will not be interested in a romantic relationship, no matter how witty or ... Read More »

5 Daily Habits That Harm Your Teeth

Bad Habits

Even without realising, you may be harming your teeth, say dental health experts. Simple and innocuous daily habits may in the long run prove to be detrimental for your teeth. Are you making any of these mistakes? – Very often people tend to mindlessly chew on their pens while working. ... Read More »

3 Ways To Be An Amazing Wife

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3 simple ways to be a better wife 1. Give respect to your husband We husbands don’t like to admit it, but we are absolutely desperate for your respect! When we believe that you believe in us, we feel like we can conquer the world, but when we believe you ... Read More »

3 Scientific Reasons Hairy Men Attract The Hottest Women

Sexy Man

Start growing out that beard. Picture a guy with long, dark hair. If long hair isn’t your thing, what about a hairy chest or facial hair? But whether or not you like hairy guys, it turns out that a lot of women prefer them, especially men with facial hair. But ... Read More »