Saturday , 1 August 2015
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Wikileaks – US ‘Spied On Japanese Government And Companies’


The US has been spying on Japanese cabinet officials, banks and companies, including the Mitsubishi conglomerate, whistleblowing website Wikileaks says. Documents released by Wikileaks list 35 telephone numbers targeted for interception by the US National Security Agency (NSA). The surveillance extends back at least eight years, Wikileaks said. Wikileaks has previously released ... Read More »

Several Dead In Turkey, Attacks Blamed On PKK Group


Turkish officials say Kurdish fighters have attacked a police station and fired on railway workers in two separate attacks, leaving five people dead. Mustafa Buyuk, the governor of Adana province, said Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) fighters opened fire at the police station in the town Pozanti, sparking a clash that left ... Read More »

Muslims Being ‘Erased’ From Central African Republic – Amnesty International


Militias have taken advantage of the political vacuum in Central African Republic (CAR), engaging in ethnic cleansing of Muslims in a bid to erase the community from the country, human rights group Amnesty International has said. Aljazeera reports: Discussing Friday’s report, entitled “Erased identity: Muslims in ethnically cleansed areas of ... Read More »

Four Indian Teachers Kidnapped In Libya


India has said that four of its citizens have been kidnapped near the Libyan city of Sirte. Sushma Swaraj, India’s foreign minister, briefed Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the incident on Friday, according to the online edition of the Times of India. Aljazeera was there: Vikas Swarup, a foreign ministry spokesman, ... Read More »

Palestinian Baby Burned To Death In Settler Attack


An 18-month-old Palestinian boy has burned to death after settlers set fire to his family house in Duma village, south of Nablus city, in the occupied West Bank. The parents of Ali Saad Dawabsheh and his four-year-old brother were also injured in the attack, sources told Al Jazeera on Friday morning. ... Read More »

Israel Passes Law That Allows For Force-feeding Of Prisoners


The Israeli parliament has passed a law allowing the force-feeding of prisoners on hunger strike. Under the law, force-feeding an inmate will need to be approved by a judge. Palestinians held in Israeli jails have used hunger strikes to protest against the policy of detention without charge or trial. BBC reports: The ... Read More »

Calais Migrant Crisis: Cameron Warns Britain Is ‘No Safe Haven’


Britain will not become a “safe haven” for migrants in Calais, David Cameron has warned, after hundreds continued their attempts to reach the UK. The prime minister warned illegal immigrants would be removed from the UK, as migrants told the BBC they remained determined to reach Britain. According to the BBC, ... Read More »

US To Deliver F-16 Aircraft To Egypt


The United States will deliver eight F-16 Block 52 aircraft to Egypt within the next two days, the US embassy in Cairo said in a statement, part of a military package that had been unfrozen earlier this year. The statement released on Thursday said Washington would deliver four more F-16s to ... Read More »

Taliban Elects New Leader After Mullah Omar’s Death


The Taliban has elected Mullah Akhtar Mansoor as its new leader, Taliban sources have told Al Jazeera, as the group confirmed the death of their Mullah Omar. The election, which was reported on Thursday, has not been officially confirmed by the Taliban, but a commander present at the meeting to elect ... Read More »

Iraqi Government Denies UN Torture Allegations


The Iraqi government has denied allegations that it tortures prisoners, after Iraqi officials were questioned by a UN committee investigating suspected human rights abuses in the country’s jails. Brigadier General Saad Maan, Iraq’s interior ministry spokesman, said reports by Human Rights Watch (HRW) and other groups about Iraq lack the right ... Read More »

Malik Ishaq: Pakistan Sunni Militant Chief Killed By Police


Pakistani police say they have shot dead Malik Ishaq, the leader of banned Sunni militant group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. Ishaq, who had been detained last week, was in a police convoy in Punjab province when supporters opened fire in an attempt to free him, said police. They said Ishaq was killed in a gun ... Read More »

Archbishop Desmond Tutu Back In South Africa Hospital


South Africa’s Archbishop Desmond Tutu has returned to hospital just a week after being discharged, BBC has reported. He has what has only been described as a “persistent infection” which his foundation says is unrelated to the prostate cancer he has had for 15 years. Archbishop Tutu retired from public ... Read More »

One Die As 1,500 Migrants Attempts To Enter Eurotunnel


At least one person has been found dead as about 1,500 migrants desperate to reach England made renewed attempts to enter the Eurotunnel terminal overnight in the French port town of Calais, a police source has told the AFP news agency. “Our team found a corpse this morning and the ... Read More »

Afghan Sources Say Taliban Leader Mullah Omar Is ‘Dead’


The Afghan government said it is investigating reports regarding the death of Taliban leader Mullah Omar. In a news conference on Wednesday, President Ashsraf Ghani’s deputy spokesman said the government was aware of the reports of his death and was in the process of assessing them. Afghan government and intelligence sources reported ... Read More »

Pakistan Police Kill Leader Of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi Group


Pakistani police have killed the head of the banned group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi as he attempted to escape custody in Punjab province, officers have said. Malik Ishaq, along with his two sons Usman and Haq Nawaz, and 11 others, were killed in an exchange of fire with police personnel late on Tuesday night, ... Read More »

Kurdish Peace ‘Impossible’ – Turkey’s Erdogan


The Turkish president has said that Turkey cannot continue the peace process with the Kurds amid attacks by Kurdish militants on Turkish targets. It came as Nato discussed Turkish campaigns against the Islamic State (IS) group and Kurdish militants. BBC reports that Turkey has been hit by a series of attacks ... Read More »

David Cameron – UK Property No Safe Haven For ‘Dirty Money’


Foreigners must not be able to buy UK homes with “plundered or laundered cash” as part of a global effort to defeat corruption, David Cameron has said. Speaking in Singapore, the prime minister vowed to expose the use of “anonymous shell companies” to buy luxury UK properties – often in London. ... Read More »

Malaysia PM Sacks Deputy Amid Corruption Scandal


Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has sacked his deputy in a cabinet reshuffle after Muhyiddin Yassin had called on the leader to explain a growing corruption scandal at debt-laden state investment fund 1MDB. Muhyiddin had said at the weekend the ruling coalition could lose the next election if Najib and others ... Read More »

Gaddafi’s Son Saif al-Islam Sentenced To Death


Saif al-Islam, the most prominent son of Libya’s slain leader, Muammar Gaddafi, has been sentenced to death by firing squad. He was sentenced in absentia on Tuesday in Tripoli along with eight other senior members of the former regime, which was overthrown in 2011. AljaZeera reports that they were accused of ... Read More »

Obama Chides African Leaders Who Cling To Power


Barack Obama has chided African leaders who refuse to give up power in his first speech at the African Union headquarters by a US president. The scolding came in the course of his address on Tuesday in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa to the 54-member continental bloc. Aljazera was there: “Africa’s ... Read More »