Photos: Goat With The Arabic Inscription ‘Allah’ On His Coat Goes On Sale For N32.4m

A prized goat has been put up for sale in India with a whopping £128,000 price tag. Islam Bhati, 37, from Rajasthan in India, is trying to sell his finest goat for 11 million rupees to a Muslim family celebrating the Eid al-Adha festival.

The two-year-old animal is organic and has the word ‘Allah’ in Arabic emblazoned on one side of his fur. He also has a crescent and star on the other side.

Mr Bhati said: ‘It’s a miracle animal and I feel blessed to own him. We have looked after this goat like our child and he’s the best goat around. We can easily charge 11 million for such a divine animal, it’s pretty reasonable.’

Mr Bhati, who run’s the family’s marble business, bought the goat from a nearby farm two years’ ago.

He said: ‘I noticed the inscriptions soon after I bought him. I knew it was sacred. Since we took him into our home we have cared for him and fed him pulses, fresh tree leaves and dry fruit. His meat will be very good.’

Mr Bhati has been offered huge sums for the goat since he posted an advert on the Internet last week. However, no one has stepped forward and paid the asking price yet.

Mr Bhati said: ‘The most I’ve been offered so far is 2.5 million rupees (£30,000) but I refused. If anything this goat is a priceless animal. I will only sell it for the asking price. And when I sell it, I’ll give 50 per cent of the money to a local orphanage. We’ll miss him when he’s gone but there cannot be a better occasion to sell him.’

Muslims sacrifice a goat or a sheep on the eve of Eid-al-Adha to commemorate Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son Ismail on God’s command.

Islam Bhati, 37, from Rajasthan in India, is seeking £128,000 for his prized organic goat, pictured
The two-year-old animal has the word ‘Allah’ in Arabic on one side of his fine fur, pictured
Mr Bhati said he knew the goat was sacred when he found ‘Allah’ in Arabic, pictured, on the animal’s coat


  • What a sign to unbelievers that there is only one God.Polytheists should wisen up.Not all of ya would believe it now, but the rest of you would believe on the day of resurrection when it’d be too late.

  • The devil can do anytin to convince people. I dont carei. All I know is that ISLAM IS A SURE WAY TO HELL. Thank God I got converted to Christianity God’s life style.

  • The Bible says in 1 Thes. that we should search for the truth…. & the book Isaiah says we should reason together.
    @tboy, instead of waiting till the Day of Resurrection, why don’t you make a thorough research by reading books of Islam & engage some scholars of islam in dialogue to find out the truth.
    @energy, I’m sure u must be a non-knowlegdeabe muslim before if truly u were. A so-called muslim who’s a muslim merely becos of his parents is no true muslim. Search for the essence of Islam or essence of being a muslim, not just a lazy none.
    @both of u, I could send u some books & CD’s. If u wish to learn more from this offer, u could send the means of getting it to u to my mail: [email protected].
    As for the signs of Islam (Allah) on the goat and others u av bn seeing/hearing around, it is the standing promise of Allah in the Qur’an. And so shall it continue till thy kingdom come. I’m sure if just one is gotten for Xtianity, the whole world would be bombarded by u Xtians. But all u got to show are Fake Miracles here & there….

  • @energy u are a big fool of highest order… U better retrospect, repent and reconvert before it’s too late…I am very sure that if u may be asked reason why u converted u will have no good reason than just frivolous worldly and humanly reason which is quitely distinct from divine nature of religion. Once again, repent before it’s too late.

  • @energy,you said that the devil can do anything.Did you mean the devil created the goat?Be a reasonable boy and stop finding excuses to justify your “polytheism”.

  • I dont need a goat sign to know my God is alive. Look @ pix 2 n 3 well u will spot the diffrence. If u knw d God u are servin u dont need to be lookin for reasurance from goat!

  • That is not “Allah” on that genetically mutated goat, look well and dnt be delirious….I ain’t inn 4any argument cos I serve a God who has giving me d greatest gifts ever given 2any mankind wc would 4eva be d greatest 1. THE SALVATION OF MY SOUL 2. The peace that passet all understndn 3. SATISFACTION ON EVERY SIDE na una know

  • lol…na today we start to dey hear dis kinda stuff??? even in Christianity, we av heard of children born wif chaplets, born with hands closed only to b operated and we saw “Jesus is coming soon” ets

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