U.S. Vows to Help Nigeria Find Christmas Bombers

The United States is offering to help Nigeria track down the Islamic extremists behind Sunday’s deadly Christmas bombings,Bloomberg News reports.

“We have been in contact with Nigerian officials about what appear to be terrorist acts and pledge to assist them in bringing those responsible to justice,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said in a statement. “We condemn this senseless violence and tragic loss of life on Christmas Day.”

The death toll in the most deadly of the attacks—a bombing of a church in the capital, Abuja—has risen to 35, with another 52 wounded, the Associated Press reports. More than 40 are dead in all.

The violence has left worshippers fearful of further attacks. This is the second Christmas in a row that the radical, anti-Western Muslim sect Boko Haram has been blamed for deadly attacks on the Christian holiday. Last year, 32 were killed on Christmas Eve.


  • whoawa says:

    i want to urge my fellow christians at north, to start coming down to our home bcos d worst might still come, all dis is just a point out dat before 2015 there will be no nigeria anymore

  • Tobillee says:

    I think it is high time d country divides.
    Jonathan is grossly inadequate & inefficient.
    This is a Sad Truthful Saying

  • Evans kelly says:

    Is very painful. A country without a presidency, what do u expect.

  • its 2 obvious dat d north n d south have no similarity in reasonin n vision. Fed govt continues keepin queit n always boast of bein ontop of d situation just bcos mayb their children outside d country. Its 2 symphatic dat lives shld b lost dat way in a place of worship in d hands certain infidels. Am sory 2 sugest this; i bliv WAR shld b d solutn cos dialogue hasnt been fruitful. It has been said sevraly dat u shld prepar 4 WAR if u want PEACE. D hausa muslims ar now bitin more than they can chew.

  • Kate says:

    Dese r all signs of end time. We shld all go bak to d bible n study it, repent for d lord is comin soon. Tnx.

  • iceroyal says:

    what kind of fucking end time is this. Christain wake up? It is mass hysteria, so bring ur knees n hope we can fight. And if bury us, at least we can leave as we belive. Dog aint even gonna break our pride. Aint noting they can do 2 keep us weak. And al of our soldiers come 2gether ger on ur feet n get ready 2 bust. Wht abut dis war against terrorism (fuck that) n wht abut dis war against us. It’s violence n violence, it’s d only way. If it’s dis system then let see wht happen next?

  • Tobillee says:

    D Bible say , follow peace with all men without which no man shall see God.
    Bcos we don’t want violence & our President has told us dt he is helpless ,
    So in d name of Peace let us divide now. It is getting prolonged.
    What has Vice President said to all dis action? Nothing.
    Yes, it is sign of end time, yet let us divide & enjoy our being & not to be killed like chickens.
    Let Jonathan read this!

  • Nana says:

    U guýz ar rite .nigeria must divid,they can put their islamic law in d nrth.jonathan let me tel u mst muslms are boko haram önly few ar not in support.if they ar not supporters they wud hv shwn d soldiers dem.so thr 4 d country mus divd either in peace or war

  • Terry says:

    Only God knows wat wil hapen nxt n we can’t fold our hands n keep watching cos heaven help those who help dem selves. May b their next target wil b d presidential villa. May b datz wen our so called president will wake up.. God pls here d cry of ur children..

  • He who is rejected, must not rejects himself. Why shuld this God forsaking geographic entity remains as one when we know clearly dat cat and dog cannot stay in the same small cave? The mistakes which waz done by our colonia masters has continued since. Why? How can believers and unbelievers have one treasury and you think there will be peace and harmony between them? Out of incapabilty and financial constrains, the British brought us together. The unity which has yielded more controversies more than the other way round. The centre can no longer hold. Why are we pretending? The British introduced “divide and rule” now am advocating 4 ‘divide and live’ fellow Africans, we have over stayed on this mountain.

  • ogbonna says:

    I will like to remind you this, that not all muslims are Boko Haram the terorist isue at the north was as a result of them (North) not being in position of presidency, so they will do anything posible to distract Jonathan’s govt,but to me I like measure that the president is taking in handling Nigeria affair, he does not allow all issues to distract him, because he is focusing on economic transformation and am sure that nothing can distract him, so if the people planting bomb are wise let them wait till 2015.

  • otto says:

    think if they do so there will be a great war in Nigerian pls Boko haram leave nigeria and let us leave in peace and harmony

  • There is nothing to pretend about, we have no government in nigeria. how can jonathan be folding his arms and watching all that d muslims are doing to christian. i promise u if nigerians does not see the need for division soon it will concern everybody. stop comparing nigerias with the white,it clear that nigeria is too big for one person to rule.

  • thank you ogbonna,its because u a nt affected am sure of that

  • so many graguate.learned persons,intelectuals are involved in dis boko haram thing.About 90000 youth are undergoing training in damaturu of YOBE STATE of nigeria according 2 reports.This is not just a mere terorism it is an act of war.The sooner the nigerian gvt realise the better for our country.Pls peopl e are mega in number.And we have all what it takes to stop this people.

  • How long ar we going 2 sit down and luk while dis barbarians wipe us out of existence dis is d coming of anoda civilwar d lessons of d 1st is not yet learnt and we are going 4 anoda lecture and dis time many wil die both east west and d so called north.nigerians d east wil one day grow out of patience again like d 1967s and dont say dat ojukwu is dead dat we can’t retaliate again remenber we neva run short of heros leaders not rulers.tel dem 2 b careful dis situation might reshape d map of nigeria again and forever ealiar dan thought..txk

  • Material says:

    Ladies and gentle men of Naija
    these boobings get intensify during d time of election up till date. I believe one way or the other these have politician involvement. The name Boko Haram is just the flag the want us to see.
    Critical it is beyond them….

  • listen all you, muslims are not terrorist and they are not boko harams. And all the people that were caught with the bomb trying to blast the churches where christian, you must know that if you are current to the news. And coming of america in nigeria is nothing but a calamity, they want to destroy us all. After they finish with the north they will turn to south. Because those peoples they are hypocriters they are not after religion they are after the resources in the country. Think again and wisely.

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